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I was running down the street looking for my car….that is until I woke up in my warm bed, blankets strewn about. Hmm strange dream, Christmas is almost here and oh yeahhhh….it’s my pre-op today with my knee surgeon.

Gawd, it’s 4:15 in the morning and my appointment is at 7:30. Guess I couldn’t wait, eh? I mean, there are lots of things to do before I get there this morning. Ummm like worry perhaps? I really have no idea what to expect, and I’m praying they won’t make me watch some “informational” video about TKR’s. Oh by the way, for those of us in the “field” that means total knee replacement. I’m sure l’ll have my hands over my eyes asking my husband when I can look….providing he’s not on the floor passed out.

Guess I should try to get a little more rest before I need to turn this post into reality!

Have a great morning everyone!


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

14 thoughts on “Pre-pre-op

  1. It’ll be fine hon..don’t stress! Just makes things worse. hugs!

  2. Good luck sweetie! I think it’s so great doing a blog. Hope your pre- op was ok!

  3. It is getting close!!!

  4. We’re here for you Laura, lean 🙂

  5. Sound like you’re in very good hands. Keep your positive spirits going and you’ll be sprinting around Saddle Creek in no time! : )

  6. Sending you positive energy your way for the before’ and the after’…. We also have a lot of DVD’s you might want to borrow for the recovery time. We just watched “A Princess for Christmas” We really liked it and I actually thought is was better in some ways that the typical “Scrooge” movies.

  7. I know this is all over now, but I totally relate to this post!!

  8. OH, when the time comes for me, (and I know it is only a matter of time), I will look into this group. What a great resource you are. Thanks for the offer of me calling you. I am not ready yet, but I will when the time comes.

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