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Milagro Charm Bracelet


Only two days left now and I must say I just want to get on with it!  I feel like I did right before I got married.  NERVOUS!  LOL!  Although my marriage was more like nervous in a good way.

Last night we went out to dinner with my husband’s daughter and our son-in-law, Cindy & David, to a cozy little place called Spettro.  To all those going out with a bad knee, you know the drill.  One starts analyzing which chair to sit in that provides the most stretch underneath; because all us “pre-TKR people” know how hard it is to keep a bent knee for an extended period of time.

The most unexpected, thoughtful thing happened this night which will remain in my heart forever.  Have you ever heard of Milagro charm bracelets?  I had never heard of them, but Cindy and David presented me with a Milagro bracelet along with a beautiful card.  As I read the note in the card, I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant until I read on.  Milagro charms are used in Latin cultures as well as other cultures, including the Greek culture (ahem – grins).  The little milagro charms are meant as blessings or little prayers for a specific body part.

milagro bracelet

Cindy had made this bracelet for me, selecting knee milagro charms as a prayer for my knees, a cross to symbolize God watching over me, and little hearts because they love me.  🙂  I have never been so touched by a gift before!  (Yes, I did lose it a little at the table.)  You can see here that there is also a separate larger knee charm also which is currently by my bedside.

I know you’re dying to know….will I bring these to the hopsital?  The answer is a resounding ‘yes’!  Although I doubt they will let me wear the charm bracelet in surgery, I plan on putting it on as soon as possible and will keep the knee charm in my room.

This post is to honor their thoughtfulness and their love and prayers for me and to thank them for all their love.



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

8 thoughts on “Milagro Charm Bracelet

  1. Good luck, Laura!

    Your cousin, Paul

  2. That was very nice of Cindy And David to do that for you. They are very thoughtful. I’m sure the surgery will work out fine we’re all looking forward to You being able to walk around a little bit

  3. oh that was sweet of them 🙂

  4. We’re so glad you liked the bracelet, Laura! We will be praying for you tomorrow when you go in for your surgery! Love, Cindy and David

  5. I know about milagros, but I have never heard of anyone using them in such a thoughtful, heart-felt way. Wonderful.

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