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I can’t believe it.  Tomorrow is the day, and by this time I will be resting in my hospital room, family gathered around singing kumbaya.  Yeah, right!  Maybe the family will be gathered around, but we can ixnay the vocal gymnastics.

Getting up this morning was filled with excitement as a new bed arrived around 8:30 am.  There is nothing like seeing comfort being carried in through the front door.  As I type this, it’s getting accustomed to its new home and waiting for its first body impression of the night.


Next on the agenda was to obtain my temporary handicap placard, so off to the DMV I went with the necessary coveted form signed by my surgeon.   I must say, there is nothing I’d rather do than see those smiling faces at the DMV asking me if they can help.  *cough*   The good news is that the visit was actually very quick, and I was thankful I had made an appointment in advance.  Exiting the building with the bright red placard in my hand almost brought a spring to my step; but if I had a spring in my step, I wouldn’t be posting this blog about a knee replacement now, would I.  🙂

Quieting a rumbling stomach was next on the list, so my husband kindly offered to take me to one of our favorite places for breakfast, Hubcaps, where I proceeded to order a California favorite, Huevos Rancheros.  All I can say is yummmmmm!!!  And “burp”!  And…”gawd that was a horrible picture I took with my iPhone!”


Now as I sit here enjoying a beautiful Monday afternoon, I realize that the only thing left to do is to enjoy this day and pack my bag for my hospital stay.  Lessee, iPad…check!  iPhone…check!  Extension cord and adapters…check!  Oh yeah and I need clothes and a toothbrush.  I have my priorities, y’know.

As you read this you may wonder what I’m thinking underneath the humor.   The answer to the question you all want to know is, yes, I’m nervous.  But you know what?  There is no other option.  As I said in a previous post, I’m ready for this.  Right now, the cane isn’t cutting it and I can barely walk without it.  I’m ready for my new lease on life…to get back to some sort of normalcy and to travel the world with my husband.

I can’t end this post without saying how much of a support system my husband has been to me and how much his life has changed too because of this situation.  It’s my knee being worked on but both of us have been affected.  So thank you SO much to you, Dave, for taking such good care of me and for your patience and love.

The next post will be from my hospital bed with a new knee!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

10 thoughts on “TKR Eve

  1. All the best and thoughts will be with you tomorrow !

  2. I know you are nervous but I am so excited that you are going through with this. I know life will be that much better when you can do all of the active things that you love to do. When you are back in action I am going to use you as an example in trying to get Nataly’s dad to get the foot surgery he keeps putting off. Good luck tomorrow!

    By the way, good job Mr. Dave! You are an awesome husband.

  3. Good luck hon. My thoughts will be with you~!

  4. We will be praying for you, Laura! I’m sure your life will be filled with lots of exciting new adventures after you heal from your surgery! Good luck and we will see you in the hospital. Love, Cindy and David

  5. I’m reading all your blogs from the beginning and have only gotten this far. We really do have similar stories! In fact, my husband’s name is Dave too. (Mine of course is Laurie)

  6. What a gift your blog is to me. What a gift your husband is to you!!!

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