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Journey of a body on this earth

A New Day


Shades up, blue sky, tummy satisfied. What more could I want on my second day in the hospital. Well….maybe I’d like to be out of here, hmmm? Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

The operation went very smoothly and afterward the surgeon Informed me that my own knee was totally shot. No big surprise there! Once I sufficiently woke up from surgery they rolled me into my very own private room. Not quite the Ritz but I’ll take it!


In my own room, they put my leg in a small machine which rests on my bed and keeps my leg In a continuous bending and straightening motion. The goal is to get to 90 degrees bent and 0 degrees straight. Oh geez, they just turned it up to 75 degrees awhile ago and I’m not going to lie and say it isn’t painful, because it is. However, I think it’s about what I thought it would be.

Throughout the day I have a morphine pump in which I can give myself a dose as frequently as 8 minutes apart. The thing about morphine is that it causes so much itching! Needless to say, sleep was not my friend last night. All I can say is thank god for my iPhone! Listening to music, audiobooks and radio comes in quite handy!

Last night the physical therapist came in and had me stand next to the bed with a walker. It really is amazing what one can do right after surgery. I’ve had nothing but amazing care by the way! Here’s my awesome nurse, Steve, eating a piece of chocolates Cindy and David gave me. Who could not smile looking at this face!


Today has been a busy day at Casa De TKR! I never knew one could be so busy recovering from a knee replacement. Between selecting my menu for the next day, requesting lozenges that have to be approved by a doctor first, having two sessions of PT and all the visitors, I’ve barely had a chance to write my blog! Yikes!!

Okay everyone. I’ve been trying to finish this blog all day but I’m so affected by the morphine and i keep drifting off….so…..I’m going to sign off for today. More tomorrow!!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

8 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. I’m so jealous that you had an actual stay in the hospital! My case was considered “out patient” and I was “kicked out” in just under 24 hours. Stayed in one room at a surgery center, not a hospital. No morphine drip. No machine to work the knee. As the sun rose the next morning it was “time to get up and WALK to the bathroom” for me. Horrible experience. I guess I should blog about it after all???

  2. What? You had a TKR and no hospital stay???? You deserve a medal. I can’t imagine dealing with that and no morphine drip. Yikes!

  3. I really love my audiobooks too. I have different ones I listen to, for different moods I am in. What I was home with pneumonia for two weeks, Audible saved me.

    I agree with the person who posted above: your care sounds just fantastic. (and unusual)

  4. I will have to look for that one.

    A friend recommended Two Years Before the Mast. I knew it was a famous book, but it never interested me. There are many sailing words that I don’t know. However, it turned out to be fascinating and I got an iBook that was interactive and would explain the meanings of some of these abstruse nautical terms. So I would read and listen at the same time.

    I listened to a current best seller about the Wright Brothers. It was fascinating and now I would like to visit Kitty Hawk.

    The Secret Garden, though a children’s book, had me transfixed.

    My tastes are eclectic. I just do not like books with graphic violence or heavy duty sex. So, that keeps me to non fiction and to literature pre-1960!!!

    • I read two years before the mast some years ago. It was good! The one I mentioned is about a dog from a dogs point of view. It made me laugh and cry. Fabulous book. I’m picky. I used to read all of he best sellers but I get tired of the cookie cutter books. I’m listening to the autobiography of Carly Simon now.

  5. Oh, I am always looking for new Audible books. I have a friend who turned me on to Audible and we share ideas, she would love the dog book, and I would too. Here is what I find about much current literature: I do not like the characters!! I tried to read one of those best sellers by Donna Tartt, I think is the name, and I went a few chapters (reading, not listening) and I hated the people. They were shallow, mean, and self-absorbed. I have to feel some sympathy for characters.

    • Years ago (way before audible) I read the Outlander series. The last book at that time was Drums of Autumn. I thought the character development in those was some of the best I’d read.

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