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Journey of a body on this earth

Day 2 After Surgery


Ahhhhh… Nothing like a good night’s sleep to make one more positive! I only woke twice when the nurse was scheduled to take my vitals, and each time I went right back to sleep.

Awaiting my gluten free breakfast in the morning, I watched a little news on tv and read the paper on my phone. Still can’t eat all my food, but it’s actually quite tasty!


I can’t imagine not having my smartphone with me. It’s been providing an enormous amount of entertainment for me as in audiobooks, blogging, emailing, facebooking, you name it! I’ve even used FaceTime, although perhaps that isn’t such a great idea considering I’ve been in a hospital gown for three days. I’m not exactly the vision of loveliness at the moment.

Today so far they have increased the motion on the machine my leg is in, and I’m now at 75 degrees. They’re starting to give me Percocet with the morphine in anticipation of weaning me off the morphine by the end of the day and continuing with the Percocet only.

One of the more exciting moments since I’ve been here is when they removed the catheter, hurray! Now I will have the challenge of getting up and going to the bathroom. Isn’t this just what you want to hear in your morning? It’s actually kind of a shitty thing to say if you ask me! 😉 Yep, my humor has officially gone down the toilet!

Stay tuned for all the latest updates on today’s physical therapy session!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “Day 2 After Surgery

  1. Once more, I am amazed by the care you are getting. My mother fell and broke her hip. After the surgery, they had her get up right away, did not give her the morphine ahead of time like they were supposed to, and she was screaming in pain as they did the physical therapy. It was one of the worst moments in my life, to see my 92 year old mother basically tortured like that.

    • OMG!!! That makes me cringe. That’s so horrible. Why in God’s name would they do that let alone to a 92 year old woman! I’m so very sorry she (and you) had to go through that. 😦 I hope she’s ok now?

  2. I guess the hospital did not coordinate things, and I did not realize how important it was. The land of caregiving is a complex one, and at that time, I was at the beginning of trying to traverse it. My mom will be 98 on December 26, and we have been through other surgeries. Now, I know much more about navigating hospitals and emergency rooms. Sadly, now she is getting dementia. Still, to get to 97 without it, is pretty good.

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