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Journey of a body on this earth

TKR Simulation


Thank you to one of my friends for sending this.  It’s a simulation of a total knee replacement.  It’s only a cartoon so no blood and guts.  To anyone who is curious, this is extremely interesting!


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

7 thoughts on “TKR Simulation

  1. Great………….I get to do the next one. You have the knee and I have the saw!

  2. I like the cartoon simulation; it takes you through the procedure like you are doing it, ……amazing. I will admit I did also click on the menu for actual surgery photos,, it is an amazing procedure, but I think I will stick to the cartoon pictures 😉

  3. It’s been over a year since my TKR and I don’t think I can even watch a cartoon about them. 😉

  4. I started to watch the virtual video, and it is a great resource that I will save. For now, I am afraid to watch it.

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