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Have you ever noticed that with every step or two forward, there is usually a step backward?  I’ve definitely been experiencing this feeling lately; but underneath it all, I really did kind of expect this to happen.  All is not lost, though, the steps forward make it all worth it!

Step BackwardI’ve really been struggling with the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine since I got it.  Every time the machine rotated my leg to the 90° position, the hinge on the machine would rub against the right side of my knee.  The more it happened, the worse I felt, and it got to the point where I couldn’t even use it.  My husband even cut up an egg crate foam pad we had on the bed into small pieces and placed them between my knee and the hinge. Unfortunately, nothing worked, including pillows, towels, etc., and the pressure continued on my knee.  Twice we called the company who supplied the machine, and both times the person who answered the phone said they would have their supervisor call us back.  Umm…hellooooo…..please call us back!!  Home Med-Equip, you $&(#!!  Ahh, I feel better having said that.  Sorry, but if you’re going to supply medical equipment and a customer calls to say it’s hurting, you should call back!

When we finally DID get in touch with someone after yet another call, they sent the tech out to our home.  The tech said the supervisor never contacted him regarding our first two calls and was dumbfounded that we were left twisting in the wind.  Evidently, they just started carrying the CPM machine two weeks ago and have to iron out the kinks.  Ya’ think???  As he was saying these believable things, we were handing him the box to pack it all up and whisk it away.  Hasta La Vista, Baby!

In the meantime, I called my doctor and left a message to ask them if there was a different company we could use.  Fortunately, the doctor’s office was very responsive and another company is calling me today to bring out a different machine.  Yay!  Thank you!  Problem Solved!

Step ForwardMy in-home physical therapist, Brad, came yesterday and said I was doing really great!  I felt he was very thorough and exceptional at motivation.  Something he said really stuck with me….my old knee would prevent me from doing things correctly; therefore I developed bad habits mainly to protect it.  Arthritic knees only get worse, not better.  With my new knee, it is perfect.  It’s more perfect than anyone’s regular knee, so I need to learn to do things the correct way and push through the pain because it will get better!  Old knee…pain worse….new knee….pain better.  I like that thought!

I’m learning a whole new way of walking and lifting my leg, and today when I got up, I noticed I could do things just a bit better than yesterday.  IMPROVEMENTS!!  I love it!

One thing I can’t wait to do is ditch this walker.  Ugh!  Maybe I should go all the way with it and put tennis balls on the bottom, that way I’d feel very “in” with the walker crowd.  Yeah, right!   No way, Jose!  Not this 53 year old woman!  Fifty three is the new 40 isn’t it?  🙂

Time to get the ball rolling….or maybe I should say walker…..


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Do-si-dos

  1. OH, there is a lot to think about here. First of all, the machine that “needed to be adjusted” shows how we have to be so diligent all the time, and not just trust “them”. I made this mistake with mother. Medicare sent out the most horrible bed for her, and it took me months to realize I had to buy a good one for her. Secondly, the idea that the old knee had bad habits to compensate for the pain. It would be very very hard for me to learn a new way of walking. I have tried to improve my driving habits, and just cannot do it. Thanks for this post, it has give me much to consider.

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