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Journey of a body on this earth

Technology Update


Just a quickee post to say HURRAY! My new CPM machine has been dropped off and fitted to me like a glove. My knee is no longer rubbing against the side and I am one happy camper.

My doctor’s office just called a few minutes ago to make sure the company had come by. I am pleasantly surprised that they initiated a call to me!

Okay, I’m all strapped in and off to the races!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Technology Update

  1. The walker is your friend and not only will you walk better your entire body will realign its self in a few months. The spine and the rest of the body compensates for your knees, everything begins with your feet, knees and hips this is the key to bi-pedal motion. In addition your nutrition during recovery is very important. Calcium and protein, I took calcium supplement and drank milk and eat cheese to moderation, Spinach along with all the “green’s” you can stand also helps counter constipation from pain meds, your still kicking out residual sedation from surgery. The breaking point for me and the walker was discovering I needed to literally learn to walk again. All the balance stored in the brain was to walk, run or whatever compensated for my hip and knee, this was a blow to me, The Docs never mention the “real” risks and challenges you will really have until after the whole body realigned and I regained my balance. I put miles on my walker, in fact I wore the first one out and had a second delivered. I was mule stubborn to walk, out on the drive way, doing laps in the house, down the side walk, all level at first then varying degree’s of elevation. I had to re train my brain using my eyes and sense od feel I learned to proper placement of my foot, calf. knee and thigh ect,ect. I was the same way with PT and self supervised PT You have to OWEN your own rehabilitation for a better future ,one that is active and pain free. Some never get it, the PT person can help but you got to do it, just do it !!

  2. OMG! LOL! I love that you wore the first walker out. That’s awesome!! I wanna wear mine out. 🙂 It makes so much sense what you said to retrain your brain to walk properly. I’m so out of whack it isn’t even funny! The physical therapist noticed it immediately and showed me how to walk correctly. It’s getting easier even after just two days. I know it’s something I will have to work on a lot. I do agree that we need to be motivated and do it ourselves. It’s funny Bear, I used to be an exercise FREAK! And I mean a good two hours a day. This whole thing with my knee has been going on for years and years and I slowly stopped doing things to the point of doing nothing. Then my neck was injured and it went downhill from there. This is my second chance at a normal life and I’m going to make the most of it. I can’t WAIT to be able to do things again. Even the simplest things like standing in a grocery line without pain will be appreciated. I really appreciate your words and I’ve reread this comment three times already!

    I’ve got a couple people coming by this morning and my physical therapist at noon. I’ll try giving you a ring later this afternoon. If you’re around, great, if not, don’t worry…I’ll leave a message and you can call back when it’s convenient. I’m not going many places in the next few days except for laps around the house!


  3. It is great that you had a fellow traveller on this knee healing journey. His comments are very good.

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