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Journey of a body on this earth

The Saga Continues…..


My therapist, Brad, came yesterday and OMG did he put me through a workout! Lifting my foot on his thigh touching the underneath of my knee with his hand (don’t worry, this is still G rated), and me sitting in a chair across from him, he proceeded to have me push down with my knee. “Pusshh, pusshhh!!” You’d think I was delivering a baby for cryin’ out loud. “Puusssssshhhh!!” Yeah, yeah, I’m pushing!!!

Woah, what a stretch!! (I have to admit I did feel a bit looser. *grins*) After that torture, he stood me up and we worked on my walking. Watching me walk around the house, he suggested we go outside. Outside???? You mean, down the stairs and OUTSIDE?? So off we went with my walker. I learned to maneuver down the stairs, and he gave me a really good tip to remember which leg goes first. “Good leg goes to heaven, bad leg goes to hell.” In other words, when I’m going up the stairs, I step up with my good leg; and when I’m going down the stairs, I step down with the bad leg. I thought that was pretty handy!

I walked quite a bit yesterday and the sunshine and cold felt really good on my body. Squinting like a mole poking its head out of the ground, I relished in it as we walked down the sidewalk and back which in total was approximately 200 feet. He even suggested later I go out for another short walk and complimented my gait. Okay, I feel kinda fortunate in that how many people get their gait complimented???

Throughout the day I was doing my exercises, the CPM machine, and ice. Sighs. I just said it. C-P-M! *covers ears* Remember my struggles with the machine? I’m still having struggles. I even had another machine dropped off yesterday with the same results. IT HURTS! I find that it digs underneath my leg after getting to a 90 degree flexion. Ugh! It’s not even the flexion that hurts which is the ironic thing, it’s the padding, and I’ve tried doing EVERYTHING to modify this new machine. It seems they all bother me the same way. *sighs*

I will be calling the doctor today to update them on how I feel with the machine. I’ve heard that it really isn’t the “make or break” of a knee replacement recovery, but I want to make sure. This machine and I just don’t get along and we will never become friends. At this moment, the most I can hope for is to keep my enemies closer so that’s what I’m doing right now. I’ll still use it, but just enough to not let it go, until I get the green light from the doctor.

One more thing I’ve noticed which is difficult is sleep. I finally noticed it last night. Part of me wonders if I did too much yesterday which increased the pain, so today I’m going to take it a little slower.

All in all, I know it’s getting better, so that’s all that matters. 🙂 I mean seriously….I walked 200 feet after surgery 8 days ago!!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “The Saga Continues…..

  1. I absolutely despised that CPM machine….

  2. After eight days, you were doing so well. Amazing.

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