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Road to Recovery


Ummm….what does one say when they feel like a blob?  Is there a blob language that I can spew out right now because I’m so tired I can barely form words?  Yesterday I had a physical therapy session and it was HARD!!  Back in the day when I used to be obsessive in my two-hour workouts, I knew what it was like to be completely zonked the next day, but it’s been forever since I’ve felt that.  Today I remember!

Brad?  Are you reading this?   For those of you who just started following my blog, Brad is my physical therapist, and a good one at that!  Yesterday he put me through the wringer and I paid the price last night; but I know that each time he has visited me, I get better and better.  Well, maybe not the next day since I’ve officially named those days “recovery days” in which I have to take it easy on the exercises; but two days later after my sessions with Brad, I feel significantly better!

Yesterday I was complimented on how I was walking with the walker, so Brad officially promoted me to a cane.  Yay!  Who can say they are excited to a cane?  I feel so special.  🙂  We practiced going up and down stairs with the cane and practiced getting in and out of our cars.  I think this means I can go somewhere!  My husband promised to take me out for frozen yogurt providing there will be a small gap in the storm.

A short trip is still all that is recommended by my therapist.  It’s still a requirement that I not sit for more than an hour, to get up and walk around, and also to rest my legs so they are above the heart.  The latter is very important to reduce swelling especially since I don’t have the CPM machine anymore.  Gee, someone get me a kleenex because it makes me sooooo sad my machine is gone (sniffle).  Ummm, NOT!

All these years my walking has detiorated and my whole body has been compensating for such a bad knee.  Now it’s time I relearn how to walk, and believe me, it’s not easy!  I hadn’t realized what such bad habits I’d developed over the years until it was pointed out to me.  It’s all part of the rehabilitation process because the body is all connected. My muscles and my mind have to relearn everything!

When all this is said and done, I’m going to feel like a new person and I know I will be so grateful that I was in a position to have the knee replacement.  I just keep telling myself that.  LOL!   But seriously, I am so excited at the prospect of what lies ahead of me….a healthy knee and a life where I can go places without pain!  That is my goal and I’m on my way!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

5 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

  1. Another similarity… my PT’s name was… yes, Brad. Seriously. I mostly met with two other gals (alternately), but he’s the main man. I dreaded my sessions with him. He was tough. I didn’t have the luxury of in-home visits. I had to go down my stairs, down my front stoop and to my car. Get my sorry self into the car (with help) and go to their office. One of the first times Brad met with me I screamed so loud the whole facility heard me. In fact, I’m pretty sure the pizza place next door heard me too. 😉

  2. What your blog on this day makes me think about is that how we all slowly change habits without realizing it. We adapt ourselves to changing circumstances. What types of bad habits did you have that you had to change in re-learning to walk?

  3. I have had to change my hand habits, due to my thumb tendonitis. No more grasping a flower pot with thumb and forefinger. I printed out a list of “rules” and tried to change one habit a day. Pain makes a person remember.

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