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Journey of a body on this earth

Post-Op Report


Waking up at 6:00 am has never felt so good!  I wanted plenty of time to get ready for my post-op appointment with my knee surgeon this morning.  With a stop to Peet’s Coffee on the way, I already sort of knew what the outcome would be, and I had a smile on the inside thinking about it.  😀

Once at the doctor’s office and in the examination room, the Nurse Practitioner, Joan, came in to find out how I was doing and also to take out the stitches…at least that’s what I thought she was going to do.  (I remembered some years ago seeing a woman hobbling into the doctor’s office to have 30 staples removed from her knee, and I seemed to have never gotten that out of my mind.)  As I rolled up my pant leg, her back was to me as she shuffled inside a cabinet…no doubt looking for a huge set of pliers to remove what was holding my knee together.  I was doing my best to have a nonchalant look on my face as she turned around, faced me and removed my bandage.  Joan then looked at my knee with a smile and said that the doctor used internal stitches and glue instead of staples to hold me together so nothing needed to be removed.  Hurray!   What a relief.  Joan and I are still friends after all. 🙂


Yeah, yeah, it’s not a pretty sight I know.  I still have a lot of swelling and I really need to remove that “Dancing with the Stars” fake tan posing as iodine on my leg.   I haven’t been able to get that part of my body wet for two weeks, so a full shower will be a welcomed event!

The doctor came in after that, and needless to say I gave him a huge hug.  Yay, thank you Dr. Knight!  Checking me out and asking me a few questions, my appointment ended with a prescription for out-patient therapy and an appointment in four weeks for a recheck and an xray of the knee.

This has gone better than I could’ve imagined.  Now for the part that requires my work…therapy.  Speaking of which…Brad should be here in an hour for my therapy.  Only two more sessions in-house and I’ll be going out for therapy.  Yay!  Every day gets better and better.

Until next time….


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

5 thoughts on “Post-Op Report

  1. I wish I could have had in-house therapy for the first few weeks…..sigh. Luckily mine was the left knee so I could drive after 3 weeks…

    • Finally after three years of recovering from one or the other I feel pretty good. I still have small setbacks but they only last a couple days or so. My last TKR was in 8/14.

  2. In house therapy, rather than going out, is so fantastic. Did your insurance pay for it?

  3. PS Sorry to be so nosy, but it is unusual.

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