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Not all sunshine and roses

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I started this blog to document my experience with a total knee replacement, but I also intended it to be helpful to myself in keeping me positive and moving forward. Sometimes life doesn’t always happen like that though. And being someone who likes to keep things on track, I grappled with whether to share the down times, thinking to myself, “Why should I complain? Just keep it positive.”
But I’ve decided that only sharing the “up” times is doing a disservice to those of you who really want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So having said all that, today sucks! My knee is stiff and I’m tired of not being able to get comfortable at night. Yes, even yours truly has a horrible day. How it can go from on top of the world yesterday to the bottom of the pit today amazes me.

I did visit my pain management doctor today because I’ve been dealing with other issues besides my knee for quite a long time and finally realized I needed help with them. Thank goodness I found him! During tough times like tonight, when the pain is constantly on my mind, I implement relaxation techniques my doctor shared with me, and I must say that it does help. Relaxation is so important and its something that does not come naturally to me. The odd thing is that I want to “work” on learning how to relax, but that is the complete opposite of how one relaxes! Go figure! Pretty much it’s about letting go and just letting it happen. Maybe some of you don’t think that’s so difficult, but for someone with chronic pain like me, it’s a challenge, and something completely opposite of how I exist in my daily life.

I also started using Holosync Meditation a few months ago and find I can relax quite a lot listening to it, which I do almost every day. I always chuckle at the tag line on the Holosync website that says something like “meditate like a zen monk with a touch of a button”. It made me smile just typing that…lol. But it really works!


Anyway, I know tomorrow will be better because it always is. That is something I have faith in. For now I’ll say good night and I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow.

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

One thought on “Not all sunshine and roses

  1. I’m just reading this post and I see you fought through and are doing better now. I’m sure that sharing your down days will be very helpful to others who are going through the same thing, and need to know they aren’t alone. Keep up the good work!

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