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Good Morning, WordPress!


Oopsie, I’d first like to apologize for not keeping everyone updated yesterday as I said I would.  My bad!  I got sidetracked with having FUN and being busy!  I know, what a shocker eh?

First, my therapist, Brad came by for his last in-home visit.  We practiced quite a lot on my walk.  Evidently the fundamentals of my walk have gone down the toilet several years ago due to this knee problem, and I had developed some really bad habits.  Teaching someone to walk a new way and to unlearn all those bad habits is not an easy task.  Thank you, Brad, for all your encouragement and knowledge in helping me during my first two weeks of recovery.  Oh yeah, and thanks for all the tips on the iPhone apps!

So yesterday, I went for several walks outside.  Brrr…it is sooo cold outside, at least for the Bay Area it is, so I bundled up and walked outside with my new stride.  It’s important to stretch the back part of the leg when I walk, so I concentrate on tilting my pelvis forward as a reach with my right leg and extend it in front, planting the heel down first, then pushing off it feeling the back of my leg stretch.  Then, pushing off my toe, my leg should bend naturally as I take the next step with my good leg.  Make sense?  Don’t worry, it didn’t to me either until we worked on it a few times.  It’s hard to put a feeling like that into words.

After that, hubby took me to one of our favorite chinese restaurants and omg, it was sooo good.  They even have a gluten free menu!  I really enjoyed getting out amongst society again.  Sitting at the table was not so bad, although after an hour I was more than ready to leave.  I did get up halfway through to use the restroom, but it was really to stretch out the ol’ stiff leg.

Needless to say, after all that adventure in one day, I was bushed.  We went home and I iced and elevated like a good girl.  I do struggle with how much I should do each day.  I’ve always heard, “don’t do too much” but also, “don’t do too little”.  I’ve gotta get it juuuuust right.  Right???  Well, I do think it’s a personal thing.  My rule of thumb is that I need to elevate and ice at LEAST three times a day and I take a walk and exercise three times a day.  But if I don’t feel like doing all of that some days, I don’t or do very little.

This is a long-term commitment for rehabilitation, and I’m realizing I can’t stretch this in one or two days.  I can’t get a quick fix that our society is so fond of promoting.  There is no magic pill or magic spell I can cast.  It’s all about patience.  Ugh!  That again!  LOL!

Well, it’s another morning and another day where I can hopefully do one more thing I couldn’t do the day before.  Hubby made me a delicious gluten free waffle with one egg beater for breakfast.  He’s the best!  Without him, I can’t imagine how I’d get through this.


Time to finish breakfast and get on with my day!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, WordPress!

  1. I was informed that I walked like a duck and had to really work at walking feet straight ahead and heel to toe.

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