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Timing is Everything


There really is nothing like having a dose of hope in the morning.  Just when I think, “OMG…will this ever get better,” something small happens.  A glimmer of light shines from above and gives me that little lift inside and puts a smile on my face.

This morning when I woke up, I swore it was just a slight bit easier to get out of bed.  But less of a hobble is sort of hard to tell sometimes, when you are knee-deep in hobbledom.  So, I got up as usual, had my morning tea and dabbled in photoshop for a little bit.  Photoshop is usually where you can find me…learning new things and taking my mind off old things.  🙂

Looking at the clock, I noticed it was time for my exercises.  So of course, I bounded up with excitement!  Ummm, no, I really didn’t have that much enthusiasm, but it sounded good didn’t it?  I began doing the exercises, trying to concentrate on each like a good patient, when all of a sudden during my heel-toe slide, the unthinkable happened!  I felt something “give” in my knee!  Noo…could it have been?  Did I actually feel a bit more movement?  Yesserieeee I did!

Still in excited shock, I hobbled (less) into the living room and practiced my walking that Brad taught me.  Low and behold, I noticed my impression of Quazimodo had slightly diminished!  Lord knows I’ve had enough practice that I should get an Oscar for my work.  Move over Meryl Streep, here I come!

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 8.22.22 AM

I finished my exercises with a smile and HOPE.  Wow did that feel good.  Almost right away, I started engaging my husband in a conversation about where our next trip would be.  Yes, it felt THAT good.  What a nice way to end 2012.

I hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Timing is Everything

  1. Wow…you have been working hard, The toughest part of this whole situation is regaining your perspective, Keeping a “good” attitude is harder than most think. A perspective of “this is only temporary” “This too shall pass” is difficult when YOU are in the middle. I struggled with the temporary and my faith God would pull me threw all ‘This”. In reality’ all this’ was out my hands. My choices, attitude and perception of what is real and what is my fear feed into a greater overwhelming, debilitating fear.. Fear of 1,000 things that could go wrong. This is not a place to go. I’m glad you’ve found meditation, I do the same thing but replace God for any word that doesn’t align with my faith. Yoga is a form of meditation which you might find challenging physically and mentally. Keeping a perspective ,your blog ,gives you balance looking at your progress. Having dear friends to talk to, visit and pray for you is a great help. I had a hundred praying for me, groups I never knew kept me in prayer, at times my faith grew beyond my expectations, gaining strength, wisdom and perseverance that only come by God, sound’s odd, but its true, When your spirit, mind and very being is touched by the finger of God you realize NOTHING is impossible and ALL things are possible with GOD on your side, This was the break threw for me, Having been given the opportunity to be humbled ,brought to my knees, praying,, crying out for God s help knowing now this was out of MY control and in Gods hands.. This is where my faith became real and God showed up right on time, just in time in some of my life’s hardest hours, God was and still is here with me. I’ve always had faith in God, Christ and The Holy but when put to the test I had to learn its NOT in my control or my time, no matter how much I wanted it to be, God is in control having a spirit ,relying solely on faith is the hard part, Once I let go that I was in control, stepped back, God stepped in. As you know by my FB site I’m a little different, its not a self centered site but more of an outreach to friends who find help in the bible verse, words or shares I post each morning, usually when I’m not recovering from vacation withdrawals.. This was and still remains my 3 year blog on my recovery and Gods power in me, behind all the bible verse, Christian shares is a fine thread of my story of redemption, salvation and revival of my spirit and God in my life…I see NOW what HE has done and is still doing in my life and He set me hear with you to share the problems and solutions I found to work for me with you, that’s a God thing .All my love, hope and faith in the New Year. You can do this but you will need God in the equation, its so much easier to let it ALL over to Him, growing up we read this in the bible but I never really knew what it meant till I applied it to my life, I think you should get a good Bible that’s easy to read and a good translation and start where I started in the book of Job, you get perspective quick and the power and might of God to do GOOD things in us by BAD events in our life…I know how hard it is at 50 ( 2 years ago) to learn how to walk, sit. and move each and every muscle every day differently, letting the spine re align. Its hard but gets better. these little glimmers of progress and hope grow and grow but I had fear and set backs until like I’ve said I let it all go, gave it all to God, I could not have done any of this with out my wife. I love her dearly more now than ever before. Keep strong and know the New Year is bright for us, Bear.

  2. What a beautifully hopeful post. Brought a tear to my eye. Happy to hear you’re doing better and cussing less.

    • I’ve been reading this again because I’ve shared it with a few people…all these knee replacement posts. I hadn’t even seen this. I didn’t really know how to blog and check back regularly with the comments back then. So THANK YOU!!!!!! I appreciate your comment Bob. Even if it’s a few years late lol.

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