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Out of the Fog


Ahhh, nothing like waking up in the morning with a clear head!  As some of you might’ve read in yesterday’s post, I was committed to reducing my pain medications so that I wouldn’t have such a foggy head during the day, and especially in the mornings.   What a difference in how I feel this morning when I’m not loaded up on the meds!

Usually I try to post every other day, but I felt I had to post today, not only to update you on my clear head, but to report that today I’ve noticed an improvement!  These improvements are such unpredictable things, though; and being an ex-project manager I don’t like unpredictability.  I like everything in its order, all neatly laid out. 🙂  However, I do know there should always be a contingency for the unexpected.  I guess it’s that element of surprise that keeps the adrenaline flowing, eh?

I do wonder sometimes why some mornings I find it easier to get up than others but that later in the day it’s always harder.  The latter is easier for me to grasp.  It’s been a whole day of up and down and exercises, so of course the end of the day is harder.  Okay, no problem.  Got that.  But some mornings are just awful and some are much better.  Why is that???   I guess therein lies the “contingency”….that unexpected element of surprise on both sides.

Today was a pleasant surprise.  A tiny bit less stiff and a more clear head.  Things are about to change drastically though, and for the better.  My out-patient physical therapy starts on Tuesday, where I will see major improvements, I’m sure.  But for now, I’ll revel in my tiny improvement and notice that the fog is only OUTSIDE today, not in my head!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Out of the Fog

  1. This is pure Joy to hear of your progress. I had the same experience but accompanied by an epiphany: God answers prayers. God does BIG well (look at our universe) and nothing is too BIG God cant handle, keep up the good work….I suggest fill those early hours with something you look forward to,Something you love and is a motivation to move forward. What ever it is. Good Job. Keep up the good work!! Bear

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