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Journey of a body on this earth


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The State of California has done it once again! Healthcare costs are on the rise and are not getting any better!

I arrived for my first outpatient physical therapy appointment and the therapist took me in promptly. Thirty five of our 45 minute appointment was spent entering data on the computer despite the fact that I had completed my new patient information form prior to arriving.

Evidently a law was enacted in this state which forces the therapist to spend an inordinate amount of time entering ridiculous information into the computer before treating the patient. Things like finding out what my goals are like…driving or walking up stairs or standing for 15 minutes. Huh? Just give me some range of motion of some strength and I’ll take reach all those goals myself. Good grief.

Okay onto the treatment. My therapist did seem very competent. I’ve had my share physical therapists so I usually can spot the good ones.

She measured my range of motion and I do know that straightening my leg will be at the top of the list since that’s the area I struggle with. She massaged my knee and leg in little circles and suggested i do this at home to stimulate the circulation. We then worked on my walk, and she gave me some exercises to do at home.

Even the little exercises that I did with her today have caused some major flareups in my body. Kind of makes me wonder what it will be like to have a full 45 minutes of treatment!

So here I am laying on my bed, leg up, and the cat at my feet. All I can say is that I’m glad it’s winter so I’m not dying to get outside.

It seems like it gets harder and harder to provide healthcare these days so I really feel for doctors and therapists having to deal with the administration. Ultimately though the patients pay the price….in more way than one!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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