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I Dooo, I Doooo!


This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could do more things!  I noted that getting out of bed wasn’t quite a chore as it has been.  Usually the stiffness is incredible, leaving me hunched over for quite some time until I feel some release, but this time it was much less intense and I was able to take some steps with my cane almost immediately.

My pattern for the last several weeks had been to slowly get out of bed, make my way to the living room, do my exercises, and wait for my husband to make his coffee, my tea, and to accomplish a few other things while I sat in the chair looking innocent.  *cough*  This time, I got up, went into the kitchen, made his coffee and my tea, fed my beloved cat, Hobbes, and did my exercises.  Hurray!!  Progress!!!

As you may recall, yesterday was my first day of out-patient therapy.  Even though much of the appointment was spent on data entry since it was my first visit, I do believe whatever the therapist did helped.  What might those things be, you ask?  Well, I think the most beneficial to me could have been the massaging of my knee in little circles.  She did give me a few other exercises to take home with me after she walked me through the proper way to accomplish them, and I suppose those helped too; but honestly, I think the massaging really helped.

While I was rubbing cream into my leg and giving it a massage as the therapist recommended, I noticed that the scar is starting to look much better.  It’s a very thin line which I guess I’m surprised about.  I had another surgery where the scar is not nearly so thin, so I’m happy that it turned out so nicely….for a scar, I mean.  😛

Well, onward and upward I say!  Yes, I’m back in the saddle and ready to get on with things.

It really felt good to do more things than I’ve done in the past.  Being helpless, waiting for someone to do practically everything for you, is not a place I like to be in.  My biggest goal for myself right now is to drive.  That will give me my independence back in a big way.  Going to the store to pick out fruit will be a welcomed part of my day for sure.

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “I Dooo, I Doooo!

  1. Glad you are doing so much better!! Who is your doctor?

  2. Thank you! Dr. Knight in the Muir Orthopedic Group.

  3. LOL…I am NOT a good patient, too self reliant. I literally when hurt, sick and in pain retreat to my lair and turn into a ferocious grizzly bear, not a pretty sight.

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