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I know you are all eagerly awaiting an update from my second physical therapy appointment, so I’m going to get right to the point. She began by measuring my flexion and extension. My flexion improved from 95 to 105 which is good, but my extension is in the toilet. It only improved three degrees from 25 to 23. I will admit that I was a bit alarmed when she mentioned that we had to “jump on it” so I don’t end up needing the surgery they do for people who can’t get enough flexion or extension. The goal is zero degrees extension. She then did some deep massage on my knee and went through some straightening exercises with me. Boy, did I love that!

Extension for me requires more work mainly because I have a very tight IT band and a strange tightness in my groin that runs down my leg into my foot. I’ve been dealing with all that for the last year and now it is all coming to a head where I have to get all these things stretched out at the same time. I did work on these other issues prior to the surgery, but the ultra bad knee made it hard for me to rectify the other issues.

I honestly believe that I’ve been compensating so much around this knee for so long that I developed issues in the rest of that hip and groin because of it. So, my purpose in saying this is…DON’T PUT OFF GETTING THE KNEE REPLACEMENT YOU NEED! You may do more damage waiting.

So having said all that, a rigorous approach is necessary and boy, oh boy am I going at it! I even went to the gym today and pedaled loosely on a recumbent bike for about 7 minutes or so to loosen up the knee to achieve more flexion and to also help with extension when the leg is straight out in the pedal motion. All with the go ahead from the Physical Therapist by the way!

Now here’s the corker…..the hardest exercise is the one my husband gets to perform on me. After this last month of serving me like a princess and in the manner to which I’ve grown accustomed to, he now can have his retribution! The exercise calls for us both to be seated in chairs and I put my foot up on his thigh straight out, with just my ankle resting on his thigh, my toe pointed straight up. He then gets to push down on my thigh above the knee to try and straighten my leg. OUCH! He’s gotta secretly love that, don’t you think? 😉

So that’s it for me. A busy weekend of exercises is ahead! Oh the joy! I really want to show some major improvement by my next appointment which is on Tuesday. And I’m dying to ditch this cane. I need to also be careful by not overdoing, but at this point I do believe I need to push it as much as I can. Wish me luck!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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