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Journey of a body on this earth

Pedaling to Victory


Beginning this past Wednesday, I’ve been going to the gym once a day to pedal on a recumbent bike.  The first time I only did it for five minutes and I could barely get my knee around without wincing.  But today, I noticed when I hopped on the bike, my knee seemed to move a bit easier, and even though I was only on the bike ten minutes, it felt good to be “back in the saddle” again.


On my way out, I happened to see a woman who had both her knees done, one in 2002 and the other in 2006.  She was mentioning that it’s a long process.  It’s not something you bounce back from and go on your merry way.  It takes time, and work, and ummm…patience.  Ugh, there’s that dastardly word again!

I’m starting not to use the cane all the time, but I still take it when we go out because of the frost, etc.  Better to be safe than sorry.   Driving is next on my list.  I’m hoping that will be in the next week or so.  I did hear that it’s usually about 8 weeks before one can drive safely, but that’s just an average.  Average is good!  I’ll take it!

Thank you again to my husband to tirelessly takes care of me.   I’m looking forward to doing fun things with you soon!!


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Pedaling to Victory

  1. Keep up the great recovery you are doing 🙂

  2. For some reason when you wrote about wincing as you peddled it reminded me of the Tinman when Dorothy first greased him.

    Sounds like you need a big can of 3-on-1 Oil.

    Glad to hear your positive progress and outlook. You’ll be hoping around soon enough.

  3. The flip side of patience is consistency. Good work, keep it up, you got this thing!! Bear

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