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My ___ Was Duly Kicked!

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Okay, so I put a blank in the title so I wouldn’t offend the young ones surfing the web.  Please insert an “R” rated anatomical term which is used for sitting.  🙂  My physical therapist gave it to me today, and boy, did I feel it!


On my last appointment, which was this past Tuesday, my flexion was at 105 and my extension was in the toilet at 23.  Only three days later, and after a whole lot of work and dedication, my flexion was at 115 and my extension at 12!  I wasn’t too surprised about the flexion, since that really doesn’t seem to be my issue.  But when she measured my extension at 12, I raised my hands above my head and said “yes!”   I can do it!

After all that excitement (isn’t my life exciting?), I spent some time on the recumbent bike and the seated stairmaster, bending my knees just a bit more this time.  She also gave me more exercises which include a Theraband to build up my quad strength.  She had no mercy!

Needless to say, I was whooped after my appointment.  My hubby wanted to go to Costco afterward and I was determined to accompany him, although I did have to use one of those little electric carts they have for disabled people.  But OMG, even after 45 minutes on that, I was desperate to go home.  The after-effects of physical therapy were catching up with me.  Everything hurt!  Fortunately, by that time we were pretty much ready to leave, so home we went where my trusty ice packs were waiting.  But I felt good for having pushed myself to do it.  My INTENTION was important to me no matter how bad I felt afterward.

With all the health problems I’ve been having and so many steps backward these last few years, I felt like I made a huge step forward.  This is the best positive feedback I can get!  One that comes from within.  Knowing that the work I put in paid off.  I did it!

Now, where are those ice packs?????


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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