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Well, today’s PT appointment was good in some ways and only ok in others.  My extension hasn’t improved much at all, and in fact, when Leslie, my therapist, measured me when I first got there, the extension was a bit less than last week.  That was very disconcerting.  However, after she massaged my knee, warming it up, my extension was at 11 which is one degree better than last week.  Unfortunately, the measurement needs to be taken when I arrive because that best reflects how I am normally.

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Extension is definitely my bugaboo and isn’t as simple as it sounds.  I have a groin issue which complicates matters.  The quadricep muscles are very shortened which create a lot of pain from my groin down into my inner knee area.  OMG…I can barely walk sometimes because it hurts so much.  I ice daily and try to gently stretch them, but this has been a chronic problem for at least several years since my knee started becoming unmanagable.  I’ve walked around all these issues for a long time, and that’s why it bears repeating that if you have a knee that needs to replaced, please don’t wait!

Right now, my therapist is doing her absolute best to be creative in giving me stretching and strengthening exercises which do not create groin pain, but it’s a tall order.  Sometimes I wonder if this leg will ever get straight!

In the meantime, I’m doing all I can like a good patient to get this knee back on track.  When I arrived early for my appointment today, I hopped on the stationary bike to warm up before my appointment, and when Leslie came to get me, she was impressed at how much bend I could get in my leg.  My flexion is really good, so good that she didn’t even bother measuring me.

Well, I have all weekend to work on this before my Tuesday appointment.  I absolutely MUST get more extension on this next appointment!  Wish me luck!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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