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Single Digit, Oh Yeah!

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What an eventful first part of the day! I visited my surgeon this morning for my second post op which was kind of exciting because it was the first time he had taken an xray of my knee replacement. Everything looked perfect! Hurray! He commented that my swelling isn’t too bad (although I still think it looks like a big, puffy knee) and seemed happy with my flexion. My scar is healing nicely, by the way, don’t you think? 🙂


We did discuss my extension a little bit but he felt fairly certain that the straightening would come in time. I had been walking around a bad knee for literally years and my leg muscles had been getting weaker and shortened over that length of time. It’s just going to take some effort to get it all back, and I feel like I’m well on my way. He did mention something called a DynaSplint and that if my leg hasn’t straightened a bit more by my next 6 week appointment that it might be something to consider.

All in all, I think my checkup went famously. We talked about the need for an antibiotic prior to any dental cleanings due to having a knee replacement. He recommended I not see the dentist for three months after surgery. It’s only been 1-1/2 months, so I can hold off going to the dentist even though I’m incredibly anal about my teeth. Everything is a green light….driving, jacuzzis, whatever I feel comfortable with as long as there’s no pain.

The only other issue is my groin and hip. Ugh! Because I’ve been walking around incorrectly for years, my groin and hip have taken the brunt of all this. They are a mess!! He gave me another physical therapy order to work on those body parts, so hopefully everything will work out and feel good at the end.

Next stop…physical therapy! My therapist, Leslie, massaged my knee as usual and again commented on how good it felt…in other words it’s loose and doesn’t feel like scar tissue is going to be an issue for me. Then came the all important extension measurement. This past Tuesday, I measured a 10 and today I measured….drumroll please….an 8! It now matches my other leg; however, she felt I could achieve even more straightening. Even after the measurement of 8, she pushed down on it and it went much flatter, so I know I have it in me to get it straighter. I’ve been working like a dog to get more extension. There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 12.01.05 PM

Leslie mentioned she believes that my husband helping me straighten my leg every couple of hours has been helping. What does that entail you ask? I sit on a chair with my bad leg on another chair in front of me. The heel and part of my calf rest on the chair and my leg is straight, my non-affected foot is planted on the floor as one would regularly sit. Then my husband pushes down my knee replacement leg and holds for ten seconds.’s grueling but it’s working! After one press, he then does a little bit of pumping the leg straight and I’m done. Thank you, Dave, for straightening me out, LOL!

I want to give Bear a special thank you for being a wonderfully supportive friend to me! Who knew that when we were in high school we’d be talking about our old age and health problems now! LOL! You are inspirational, so thank you for that!!!

It seems all I do lately is exercise my leg! Three times a day with straightening, strengthening and cardio in the morning. I really don’t have much time for anything else! But I’m determined to get this knee rehabilitated properly.

This is the best I’ve felt in awhile! Perseverance is paying off. I can’t wait till I say, “Boy, am I glad I got my knee replaced!”

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

One thought on “Single Digit, Oh Yeah!

  1. Well…you’ve turned the corner and heading to full recovery. Getting the rest of your body re aligned will take time,but no need for that now. I’m proud and honored to be of support and have the opportunity to re-connect with a fellow BOD alum. Keep your good perspective, determination and great attitude.

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