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Revving it Up!

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Okay, so it’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I wanted to make sure you all knew that I’m coming along in my recovery.  Today I went to the gym and “worked out” on the bike for 15 minutes with an elevated heart rate @ 140!  Oh, I know, right?  I’m an animal!  😉  Until today, I could never put enough pressure on the leg to get the heart rate up, so seriously….it really is something to get excited about!  I’d love to get up to 30 minutes in the next few weeks.


My entire leg has been evidently taking a few years off because every part of my right leg is weak from my foot to my butt.  I’m sure I was favoring it because now I have to relearn everything!  When I’m on the stationary bike, I have to concentrate on how my foot pedals.  Initially, I was pointing my foot during the entire revolution, but now I’m more aware of how my foot needs to move and my brain is now remembering how to do it correctly.

This is such a commitment!  I’m sure there are people out there who have ONLY a bad knee and once they get it replaced, they recover quickly and move on.  That just isn’t so with me, so all of you out there who say, “But mine is so much worse.”  I can’t imagine it being too much worse than mine but I suppose it’s possible.  😛

I’m still struggling with this groin, hip, back issue, ugh.  Today I have another massage therapy session with my Ukranian massage therapist.  My physical therapist thought it was an excellent idea to have him work on my knee too, stretching the muscles behind the knee, the hamstrings, etc.  My muscles have been shortened for years and years and it won’t be overnight that this is all better.

I’m committed.  Or at least that’s what my husband wants to do with me…LOL!  But seriously, this is an incredible commitment.  Today, though, when I got my heart rate up and I was rocking out to Greg Laswell, I knew this:  IT IS POSSIBLE!   It sure felt great to break a sweat again!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

One thought on “Revving it Up!

  1. You always have interesting pictures that you are placing on your updates 🙂
    – glad things are moving along ….

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