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Journey of a body on this earth

Cold Knee

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So yesterday’s visit with the massage therapist was a learning experience.  He immensely helped with my psoas but the work in the knee set me back.  My knee is so swollen today and I measured back up to a 10 when I went to my PT appointment.  😦   I’m pretty sure that the swelling prevented me from getting a good measurement, so hopefully by this Friday, at my next appointment, I’ll get a good measurement again.


Lordy, will this ever end?  I keep hearing to have patience…what other choice do I have?  It’s just frustrating when I want to drive and do things again like go take pictures.  *Takes deep breath and exhales.*

I received some additional strengthening exercises for my quads so hopefully that will help with the straightening too.  I’ve also been advised to elevate my knee above my heart three times a day for ten minutes each time to help with the swelling.  So here I sit in my zero gravity chair with an ice wrap on my knee.  Admit it, that sounds so attractive!!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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