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Things are Less Swell :)


I have totally proven to myself that less activity is helping reduce my swelling.  This morning I woke up and felt the difference from having not done too much yesterday in the way of exercise.  For me, I need these days off.  How often I need those days is still a mystery to me, but boy oh boy can I feel an improvement today…at least this morning I can.  😛

Saturday and Sunday were not my best days.  Friday, my physical therapist massaged into the back of the knee and even though she said she wasn’t pressing hard, for me it was too much.  OMG…my leg was not happy for two days and for some reason it takes me awhile to recover from these little setbacks.  I need to go slow.  (Kinda like the 49’ers did in the first half of the football game!  Okay, I digress, but condolences will be happily accepted for my football team’s loss.)

But seriously, for some reason my body does not like to be pushed no matter how much I want to do it.  I love working out hard, but this whole experience is the complete opposite.  Hmm maybe it’s just a definition change in “working out hard” because emotionally and mentally this is a workout!  I need to coax myself along slowly….a little bit here and there.  Nothing too intense.  Even riding on the vertical bike was causing major swelling in my knee, so…back to the recumbent for awhile.

Why am I having all these issues you might ask?  I have a feeling I understand what’s going on here.  I waited WAY TOO LONG for this knee replacement and during that time I’ve injured the muscles in my leg, specifically in the illiopsoas muscle group.  They are responsible for hip stabilization.  My knee was so bad, that I adjusted my hips constantly to walk, therefore, disrupting the stabilization which put a strain on this muscle group.  I’m not alone in this assessment either as physical therapists and doctors have mentioned this as well.


Rehabbing for me is not just about the knee, although that can be said about all total knee replacements.  But for me, it’s much, much more.  Even my foot was weak because I could no longer stand on it properly due to muscle damage in my leg.  I’ve been having to relearn everything with this leg.

To be honest, it gets really difficult at times, but the fact that I know what the issues are makes me a bit hopeful that with moderate stretching, strengthening, elevation, and motion that my muscles will come back and I will feel the benefit of my new knee.  🙂

In the meantime, I’m entertaining myself with developing a new website.  Not having ever done this before, I’m finding it so fun learning something new!  Some day everything will be integrated….my photo website and this blog.  Hopefully it will be fairly seamless.  It’s wonderful to be able to get my mind of all this for awhile!  I’ve put a new link to my main website in the sidebar of this blog in case you’re interested to see what I’ve done.

Until next time….have a great day!!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Things are Less Swell :)

  1. Hi Laura, my name is Suzanne and I currently attend a class with Lani. I had my right knee replaced Dec 19th and she turned me on to your blog which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I had an unusual complication after the surgery in that my calf muscle went into charlie horse mode and wouldn’t stop causing me not to be able to put any pressure on it at all. That lasted about 2 1/2 weeks until my very competent physical therapist figured out ultrasound therapy might help and it did. Thanks to her by the end of the second week I was finally able to bear weight. Now I’m almost 7 weeks in and doing quite well. I’m walking without a cane but still have some room to go on both extension and flexion. My new PT suggested I slow down a bit in terms of the exercises so that I don’t overdue it. I’ve begun draping a 10 lb weight over just above the knee when it’s time to “hang”. It’s helping a bit.

    I’m planning to do the left knee in May or June of this year based on the success of the right knee. Not feeling the unbearable pain of arthritis is such a relief.

    Anyway, thanks for documenting your journey. It’s helped me feel not so alone!

    • Thanks Suzanne for your post! I’m glad that you are finding that reading my blog is helping you in some small way. I did this originally so that I could feel positive about my journey, kind of like witnessing my own progress. At first I didn’t want to post anything negative, but I realized that people from all over the world are reading this and I wanted to be honest and realistic without being a whiner. Although sometimes there is just no escaping the whining!

      You and I are only one week apart! I am in awe that you’re hanging a ten pound weight above your knee. I just can’t do that, so more power to you! My hubby straightens my leg several times a day by pushing down for 30 seconds. Your Charlie Horse sounds sooo painful. You poor thing. I’m glad your PT figured out something to help you with that. I’ve had lots of surgeries, but this one takes the cake! Like you, I need the other knee done as well, but I need a break lol. I hope things get better for you quickly and that we’re both out doing long walks in the next several months!

  2. I bet you didn’t think your word would have such an impact not only on you but others you are reaching out to. I love this kind of response and connection you make sharing your journey. Its a great feeling to know someone even ifs only one person has received some good from what you are writing about, Keep up the good work you are a natural writer….hay maybe that’s your passion!! Bear

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