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Happy Anniversary



First, if you’re wondering who is in this picture, you will have to read this blog to find out! haha Yep, I’m a tease.

It’s been two months since my knee replacement already. Unbelievable! My how time flies when you’re having fun eh? To be truthful, I really thought by now I’d pretty much be over the whole thing, but I have regrouped at this point and am now hoping that the next two months find me happy with the whole experience. I DO think I’m slowly getting better but it has been much slower than expected.

I’ve backed off my exercises a bit, so I scatter them throughout the day instead of packing them into two full sessions. It seems to work better for me that way. One thing that was a surprise to me….someone following my blog mentioned they are putting a ten pound weight in a plastic bag and hanging it above the knee and leaving it there for ten minutes at a time, several times a day. I’ve heard of this method and have thought of it myself, but omg…I really can’t imagine it! So more power to you if you’re reading this! You’re braver than I am, that’s for sure. So far, I’ve been having my hubby push down on my leg and he also helps me with additional stretching exercises I have for the back of my leg. I dunno…maybe I will have to resort to the plastic weighted bag but I think I would just die considering I have these groin issues that are so sensitive.

Today we went to our favorite indian restaurant for lunch. It always feels good to get out of the house even if we don’t go very far. What I REALLY wanna do is go very, very far away… on a vacation! My husband saw a really cool jet boat ride in New Zealand, and boy does it look like fun! Check out this video…New Zeland Jet Boat. Onto more fun things…

I’ve been occupying my time with developing my own website. It’s only in the beginning stages, but it will integrate my photo website along with this blog which is kind of exciting. It SO helps to take my mind off my knee for awhile and concentrate on learning something new. For those who are geeky and are interested, I’m using the Quick ‘n Easy Web Developer tool. It’s kinda cool and totally flexible! It generates HTML so you don’t have to. You can see the beginnings of the website here: My New Website It’s still under construction, but there’s a photo link where you can check out my photos. Admit it, you can’t wait!

Okay, one last thing which brought a huge smile to my face. I’m going to admit something here. It’s a deep, dark secret, so you can’t tell anyone…ssshhhh. Here goes….on Monday nights I watch ABC’s “The Bachelor”…LOL! There, I’ve said it. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, so I won’t bother saying it here. But the real reason I watch is because some of my friends on Facebook and I get together there and comment during the whole show. OMG, I was literally howling as we were all posting funny comments about that silly show. It’s really why I watch it now. So just in case you’re reading this Robyn, THANK YOU!!!!! I love spending my Monday nights with you and the girls! 🙂


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. the crystal ball has been read:
    – for this bachelor 2013 season – Catherine Giudici will end up with Sean Lowe

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