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To Double-Knee or Not to Double-Knee, That is the Question….


Good morning everyone!


I’ve been getting quite a few emails asking me why I didn’t chose to do a double knee replacement, which is actually called a “bilateral” knee replacement; so I thought I’d post my opinion on the matter.

Honestly, a year or two ago I thought I would want that type of procedure.  My thought was, get it all over with at once!  Since that time, however, I had met several people who had bilaterals and responded that they would never recommend it.  It got me to thinking….with all these other issues I have, especially involving my right leg, is it wise to struggle through a bilateral??

I also think that if you have other health issues, whatever they might be ,or if you’ve had an accident, it’s wise to do just one at a time.  Had my knees been the only issue, I could see doing them both at the same time, but with all the other stuff going on here, I’m glad I went with the recommendation of my current surgeon, which was “one at a time”.  By the way, he didn’t even hesitate one iota when I asked him about a bilateral….he said it was a big, big deal and he recommended one at a time.

Thank GOD I followed his advice!  I can’t even imagine going through this with both knees.  It’s been hard enough on me, especially with my neck issues and my leg being all out of whack from walking around on this bum knee for so long, not to mention the fibromyalgia.

Of course, everyone is different, but since some of you had asked, I thought I’d make a post out of it for all to see.  You never know.  Maybe I can help just one person finalize their decision.

Time to go sip my errr “tea”.  I couldn’t find a decent tea post, so I posted a coffee cup.  LOL!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “To Double-Knee or Not to Double-Knee, That is the Question….

  1. I was scheduled to have my second knee replaced only FOUR WEEKS after the first one. There was no way! I was still going through the worst experience of my life. The physical therapy was just beginning to really show progress. I would have lost all that and had to begin again. My PT gal was glad I made the choice. The doctor was not. But I really felt she knew me better as she worked with me three times a week. Now, a year later, I have still not had the second knee done. 😦 I really must. I’m crooked. “New” knee leg being longer (straighter) than old knee leg. Which has really messed up my hips and lower back.

  2. Four weeks??? No way! Glad you made that decision. I’m sure the doctor was upset since he probably calculated that into his revenue for the year, lol. I’d like to have the left one done fairly soon. I’d like to do it in January 2014, but only if my current replaced knee is at least 95% by then. Otherwise, forget it!

  3. Oh my gosh, after mine, I said I would NEVER do the other one! I did learn after my surgery, when I was well into rehab, that…the older you are, the easier it is to recover and rehab because your body heals slower. When you are younger your body heals faster and there’s a chance of scar tissue building up that may require *manipulation*…..more surgery. Yikes.

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