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Journey of a body on this earth

Progress Noted!

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So it’s the day after physical therapy, aka “the torture chamber”.  Yeah, my therapist I knows I call that place a torture chamber, so no worries.  It’s all in fun.  Sorta, lol.

We went through the usual drill of him straightening my leg which is always fun *cough*, he massaged my knee very thoroughly and we went through strengthening exercises.  The new exercise for me is a dura-slide.    From what I understand, the nerve is surrounded by something called the dura which, as we move, slides smoothly over the nerve.  My leg, besides being weak, has a lot of nerve issues from the dura not gliding around the nerve smoothly over the years.  I’m thinking I might need a three-ring binder to hold all my pages of exercises.  😛

What’s really great is today (the day after my PT appointment) I’m feeling infinitely better than the day after my last PT appointment.  OMG, last time was really bad.  I was down for the count last time and couldn’t do any exercises at all.  This time, it’s quite different!  I was able to do all my exercises this morning, plus I even went to Starbucks!  It’s the little pleasures in life, eh?  *grins*

It’s also Day 3 of my new lifestyle of food intake.  So far, so good!  Fortunately, I’m not one for processed foods and am a big supporter of organics, and I stay way from aspartame and gluten as much as possible.  That alone, I really believe, helps in not packing on the pounds.  I’m pretty positive that I didn’t gain a lot of weight last year because of this philosophy of eating.

So it’s all good today.  Progress is being made!  This is “journey of a body on this earth”.



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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