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Just got done with my PT for the day.  Whew!  What a workout.  I have a new mantra, slow and steady wins the trace.


I had a little milestone today.  The first thing Jim had me do is to sit with my legs extended out in front of me on a cushioned table, sitting up.  Then he put this heavy heat pack over my knee which extended up the thigh and down the calf.  It was heavy!  He then left it on for ten minutes, and I made it through a whole ten minutes without putting a rolled-up towel underneath me leg for relief.  Yay!   This time, I gritted my teeth all the way through.  This is a very necessary part of straightening the leg after a total knee replacement, so those of you out there who are having difficulties…please ask your therapist about this.  It really works!

Jim also worked on my dreaded psoas muscle and IT band today after he massaged the knee.  Oh how I wish that was a pleasant experience.  But the good news is that it wasn’t quite as tender as before.  He was rubbing in there pretty good and I didn’t wince nearly as much.  LOL!  Hopefully him working in there will help me with my walk which I still struggle to do comfortably or for any length of time.

Good news, though…I’m definitely getting stronger!   I’ve had to add a little more resistance to my exercises otherwise they’re too easy.  Who would’ve ever thought I’d say that?

Time to elevate!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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