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Modifying for Success


It’s a beautiful day here again!  Just beautiful enough for physical therapy, ha!  Yep, it’s that day again.  Today I’m going to discuss with Jim the fact that I feel like I did too much last time.  While I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that physical therapy should never hurt, I *do* think one needs to listen to their own body, and last time was just too much. It seemed like I had to increase my pain killers to manage it, and I really would prefer not to do that.

What caused me to have this thought?  I do believe that not every single time things are perfect, and as I go along this recovery path, sometimes things have to be adjusted to be successful. And I want success! So rather than plow through with blinders on, I’m trying to pay attention to my body and listen to what it needs. This is something I’m not very good at. My nature is to what to do everything perfectly and according to the program, but that does not always work nor is it always the best approach.


Part of me modifying my recovery is to include weight loss as I mentioned in a previous post. I think this will make me feel better physically, but since I don’t have a whole lot to lose, it’s more about my emotional well being.

Yesterday I drove to my Weight Watcher appointment because my husband was sick. I had a very successful first week in the program which made me very happy!  😀  Even the person weighing me in was surprised and said, “That’s great, but don’t expect that every week because that is a LOT”.

Note:  While this isn’t a weight blog, it is a blog about my body on this earth, so I’ll keep you posted occasionally as to how I’m doing in this area because I do think it’s a good idea for anyone undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery to lose weight.

So here I am about to get ready for the day and my PT appointment. I’m sure Jim will be receptive as he is very good about listening to what I’m saying about my leg. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

In the meantime, have an awesome day!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Modifying for Success

  1. You have an amazing day, too! Obviously you know this since it is the main theme in your post, but it certainly is important to listen to your body and communicate that to your PT. I tried to be tough about it (my PT was cute) and I would end up sore and swollen, which could have actually put me behind more. I got called out by both my PT and my wife (haha) so I learned my lesson pretty quick fortunately. Keep it up Mrs. Laura!!!

  2. LOL @ your PT was cute, Ryan. That’s classic! My PT looks kinda like a cross between Jim Furyk and Corey Pavon. haha! Thanks for your support!

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