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As an update to my previous post today….my PT is requesting a few more sessions from my doctor for me, so it’s not over yet folks!

It seems I’m struggling a little bit now with bending my leg!   Jim measured me prior to working on me today and I only measured 115 degrees bent.  Grrr.  But today is a bad day with my lack of sleep, so I think I would’ve had a better measurement if it was yesterday.  :\  After he worked on me (which by the way he told me I’d probably hate him afterward), I got a 125 degree measurement!  So the possibility is there.  His goal for me is 125-130.   As far as the extension, my leg flattened out right away after the big heated, weighted pad was put on it, and now that doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue.  Go figure!

The main thing is to constantly do my stretching….to not let my leg stay in a bent position for too long when I’m sitting and to do my exercises 2-3x/day.  That doesn’t mean I’m doing squats though!

Think of it this way…. my leg muscles were shortened for years because of my bad knee.  Every day they were reinforced to shorten and stay shortened.  So now, every day I have to reinforce or encourage them to stretch out.  Laying around without doing anything at all isn’t going to help.  At least this is the philosophy I’ve come to believe with all my being.

Well, time to go elevate this leg and put some ice on it just in case it starts to swell!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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