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Journey of a body on this earth

The Proof is in the Pudding!

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We couldn’t be having a more beautiful day here in the bay area!  There is nothing more motivating to me than sunshine….and my camera case which is sitting nearby.  🙂    Today I’m going to take the plunge!  I sweetly asked my husband if we could take a short drive today, camera in tow.  Boy I miss getting out there!


Yesterday’s PT appointment went really well.  I hopped on the table awaiting that heated huge pad which they lay on top of my leg to straighten it, and even before the pad was set down on top, I noticed that my leg was so much straighter!  It was infinitely easier for me to “get through” the ten minutes while the pad is on top of my leg.  In fact, only the last 45 seconds were getting uncomfortable.  Hurray!  I can feel all those muscles that have been driving me crazy trying to relax.

Jim increased the resistance bands on almost all my exercises.  I started with no bands actually, and in some exercises I’ve graduated into the easiest resistance band and in some I’ve gotten up to the green band which is the third hardest.  I’m definitely getting stronger, no doubt about that.

The bending of my leg once again was the part that I enjoyed so much.  *groan*   He really isn’t overly aggressive at all, so don’t misunderstand me.  But he does push me just a little and for me, I think that’s what I need.  The reassurance of all this comes not just from faith in what I’m doing, but the proof is in the pudding!  After Jim increased my flexion, I stood up and O-M-G!!!  The relief was amazing!  I felt like I had a semi-normal leg!   That feeling lasted fairly well and hopefully will start getting to the point where I feel like that more and more.  I can totally tell that increased ROM for me is a must.   It’s one thing to have faith inside yourself, to believe that you’re doing the right thing.  It’s another to actually see that come to fruition.  Can you tell I’m excited?   🙂

I got home after PT, elevated and iced for the rest of the day and did a few stretching exercises.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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