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Monday Morning, you sure look fine….

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I can’t believe this spring-like weather we’re having here.  It’s incredible!   The other day you might remember I was going for a ride with my husband…you know, after I “sweetly” requested.  🙂   It was fabulous!   This was my first big outing since I’ve had my TKR and boy, did I need it.  I felt like a kid, rolling down my window and sticking my arm out the window to feel the wind hit it solidly as we drove through the California hills.

Basic CMYK

Everything was so incredibly GREEN!  The smell of the foliage as we passed densely shadowed areas in between the hills really reminded me of being a teenager driving through the very same hills….only with louder music.  lol.

My camera was in tow in hopes of taking a few pics of the incredibly green rolling hills that went on for miles and miles.  We stopped several times where I took pictures with expectations that my first pictures in three months would turn out nicely and that I would be able to post one here.

Well….after that lovely ride, I came home and OH NO!!!!  Once I loaded them into my computer, I noticed my camera is still having problems.  I had this problem prior to my surgery and thought I had fixed it by removing the battery for a long time and replacing it.  I had taken some test pictures and thought they were ok.  Evidently not!   Grrr…unfortunately it costs a lot to ship to Nikon and have them fix it and frankly it’s just not worth it.  I guess a new camera will need to be in my future.

I really realized that being couped up for all that time inside recovering, while important, drove me nuts!  Being out of the house and out into life, gave ME life!   I must do this more often!

PT coming up at 9 am this morning.  Oh the joy of joys!  Have a great Monday!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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