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Top Ten Ordinary


FYI…this is somwhat said with tongue in cheek…

All our lives we strive to be unique individuals, embracing our talents, searching for those things that make us special. However, I’ve noticed through this knee replacement process that all I want to be is ordinary, plain, mundane….just like everyone else. “Oh please…just let me be like everyone else,” I would think as I lay in bed with my leg elevated and a ice pack perched on top of my knee.

Balconies of a house on Hämeentie 101, Helsinki.

It’s hard when you’re going through the process because you think that no one else is as bad as you. Everyone else seems to recover more quickly. People tell you, “oh, you’ll feel better in two months,” and when you don’t, it’s very discouraging. It reinforces that thought that you are the only one, you are unique, no one else is like this.

Then once you start recovering like I’m doing, you realize….”OMG….yay! I’m just like everyone else!” Hurray for mundane!! So how does one *know* they are ordinary even before that realization sets in?

Top ten signs you know you are ordinary are…..(drumroll please)….

1. While you’re in the hospital bed, new knee having just been inserted, you think in a couple months you’ll be back in the gym exercising. Laffs

2. On your second week of recovery, you wonder if you’ll be addicted to your pain medications by taking so much and try to take fewer (even though you really shouldn’t).

3. You have episodes of heavy crying and start thinking of purchasing stock in Kleenex.

4. You think that you’re never doing enough exercises…even one less leg straightening rep starts freaking you out and that you feel you will be “left behind”.

5. You start wondering if it will EVER get better!!!!

6. You wonder if the swelling with ever go down and start sorting out your capri pants and putting your shorts in the back of the drawer.

7. You wonder if your leg will ever bend or straighten like your non-surgical leg. Surely this doesn’t happen to anyone else!

8. Just going to the store to pick up a grapefruit is a major event and puts you “down for the count” for the rest of the day.

9. You wonder why you’re getting those prickly electrical zingers in your knee and are sure your leg is going to fall off.

10. You wonder if this was all worth it and see no end in sight!

Now go have a wonderful, ordinary day! 🙂

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Ordinary

  1. Hang in there Laura! The Silver lining may be Greyish, but it will turn Silver, just keep working it.

    • Well….this really made me laugh……you are nothing close to ordinary that’s for sure…how many are following you and your recovery on your blog?? You have taken a thing that most would hide in the closet and opened up to all who need help recovering or in deciding to have TKR, Im proud of you, .all your doing to help others while keeping yourself grounded and focused, bravo…good job !!

  2. LOL Bear! I’m glad I made you laugh. 🙂 It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m my ol’ “ordinary” self! I have 178 followers last time I checked. Incredible isn’t it? I’m finding it almost like journaling. It’s kept me focused and positive. I feel like I’m getting my old life back! Thank you so much for checking in. 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. And thank you Bob for your encouragement! 🙂

  4. # 2,3,7,and 9…..for real. I remember one night about 3-4 weeks in, I climbed into bed next to my hubby (who had been sent to another room) sobbing hysterically like a toddler, saying “WHY did I do this to myself?”…… At that moment in time, I saw no end to the tunnel….I just wanted to be able to get into bed, turn over from side to side and sleep peacefully without pain.

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