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Another one bites the dust!


So I wake up this morning and realize…holy moly…I’m another year older!  Yep, that’s right.  It’s my birthday today.   I feel blessed that I have family and friends who love me and a wonderful husband who is always here for me and who has taken such great care of me while I’ve recovered from this knee replacement.   Ooooo….did I used a past tense when I said “recovered”???   For sure I’m on my way to getting better, so ya, what the heck…let’s put a ‘d’ on the end of that word right now ok?   I’ll live in that mode for now.  🙂


As most of you know, photography is my hobby.  This morning my hubby surprised me with the camera I’ve been wanting, a Nikon 7100!  It just came out and should be here in a week, and I am so excited!!!   I can’t wait to go out and take pictures with that camera.  I’ve had an entry-level DSLR for 3 years, so I’m looking forward to this upgrade.   I contemplated an FX camera (full frame); however, I have two expensive lenses that are for a DX camera, so I’m sticking with that format.  This new Nikon has rave reviews and should really make my pictures a lot more beautiful and crisp.  Oh yeah, and he ordered me an 18-200mm lens too!

Knee?  Oh yeah, THAT!   I almost forgot this was a blog about my knee replacement.  😉   It’s doing well.   I had a substitute physical therapist once again because Jim was still on vacation; however, I found her very informative and boy did she get my knee mobile!  Jim will be back tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting some measurements.

Yesterday I went to the gym and “worked out”.  Laffs.  Well, it’s a far cry from what I used to do, but it’s definitely an improvement in recent weeks!   I’m really excited about the strength in my right leg and how my foot doesn’t hurt anymore!  There are so many positives and I’m so grateful that I’m fortunate enough to have a knee replacement and all this physical therapy where some cannot.

Life is good!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust!

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Your “hobby”. All of us should be so good at our hobby. 8^)

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