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Independence Day!

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Normally today I’d be heading for physical therapy, but not anymore.  Today is the first day of my physical therapy independence!  It does feel a little strange not going, but I’m ready for this new chapter.  Most every exercise I do at PT can be done in my home or at the gym.  The one thing I thought I might not be able to replicate was the leg straightening with the heavy, heated blanket.  However, I did manage to figure something out at home since I’d like to try to reinforce the straightening as much as possible.  Here’s how I do it…I microwave one of those heating pads, put it on top of my knee; I then place a large pillow on top and then two dumbells, each weighing 3 pounds.  Then I let it sit for ten minutes.  Oh, the joy!  It felt very similar to what I did in PT, and I felt my leg go straight against the floor.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


It’s an absolutely gorgeous day today, so I thought I’d try out my legs a little later by going for a short walk with camera in tow.   I still have this darn groin pain but it’s definitely not as intense as before.  I think once the swelling goes down in my knee completely and within the next several months, it will get better and better.

Have an awesome day everyone!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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  1. Have a great day!

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