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Hello everyone 🙂

Every once in awhile, something happens in one’s life that really makes a huge difference.   This knee replacement is going to be the best thing that’s happened to me in ages.  While it’s still far from perfect, I realize how desperately I needed it and how I’m improving every day and enjoying discovering doing fun things once again.

Yesterday my husband and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in SF.  It was a glorious day, so warm out that we didn’t even need a sweater.  Everything was in full bloom and just incredible!

What’s funny is that I noticed that the tea garden was some distance from the parking structure.  I guess I’ve become accustomed over the last few years at dreading any type of distance to walk so it was an automatic reaction to evaluate.  However, I’m happy to report that I walked to the garden and all around it for a few hours with camera in tow.  How good is this????  I couldn’t DREAM of doing something like this a year ago!

We even stopped at the little teahouse in the garden to have tea and tea sandwiches.  It was all very…Japanese!  We loved it.

I will admit that I need practice with my new camera.  The way it focuses is quite different than my other camera, so I’ll need some more practice for sure.  But here are a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Arigatō

  1. You have truly taken the corner and are in the light, full on sunshine, out of the tunnel. Your new found agility, endurance and independence is your reward. Guard it remembering the road to recovery you and your husband have traveled. My recovery with surgery after surgery took time to turn the corner with a few detours that stressed our marriage but we are able to pull it all back together and stand in the full on sunshine where you are today !!. I grew keenly observant of non handicapped people’s attitude and judgment of me being in a wheel chair, so young, filled with virility and handsome, I could here them say to themselves “what’s really going on with this guy”, When using crutches or the electric seated shopping cart I was often condemned by the looks on their face and body language. Once I got cornered by a very large women who felt she needed to exercise her right to occupy the same spot in the store as I, in my wheel chair, was shopping. I experienced a lot of pre-judgment, attitudes undeserved and little etiquette with doors or wheelchair inaccessible areas. Today my heightened awareness of these problems while handicapped alert me now to seek and help whom ever is having a problem. I offer help or assistance in any way, some I help are truly blown away you noticed ,at times another person would join in and offer help. So I’m really talking about giving the next hurt or handicapped person you see having difficulties, give them a hand or kind word. A few minutes of talk about anything but their injury lifts their spirit, helping them to find the courage and strength to carry on another day. Laura your blog is ideal, setting a new posative standard of awareness for TKR ,what its like and how to progress to full functionality and mobility, positive and uplifting I am glad I have the opportunity to reach out to you listen and talk from the heart, helping to bring a positive paradigm to recovery, friendship and helping others, way to go Laura. In God’s Grip, Bear ( just an implement for God’s work on earth)

  2. Hi Laura,
    You give me hope that the day will come that I will think that is not too far to walk. Before my TKR I could and would walk everywhere. Limping but still walking. My back got so bad that I had to have this done. But up until the day I had it done I could still walk. It has been 2 months of not being able to walk much and so depressing. Actually have to plan my day around my knee. Hopefully soon I will be like you!

    • You’re welcome Cathy! You’ll get there. It took me awhile to get to this point. I know how frustrating all this is, but hang in there. Focus on the little improvements. It’s amazing how they add up! 🙂

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