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SCAR:  “A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed quite completely and fibrous connective tissue.”

I was noticing today how purple my knee replacement scar looks when the weather is chilly.  I’ve been massaging it every morning after I get out of the shower because I still have a bit of lumpiness in different areas of the scar.  My physical therapist had told me that Mediterranean and African American people seem to scar more than others, say, of European decent.  Gee, guess that explains my stubborn scar since my heritage is Greek.  Must be all those olives we ate over the generations!  LOL.

I do know that the scar will fade in time and trust me, a few months ago I would’ve given my eye teeth to only be talking about this scar!  Now I can talk about how much stronger I’m getting, and how there are times when I forget about the knee replacement.  I’m still doing all my exercises twice daily, and incorporating more activity in my life.  Umm yeah, I even cleaned the shower floor.  How’s THAT for improvement, eh?

On a serious note, however, my scar is not just superficial.  It’s actually much more than that.  It’s a reminder….a reminder of how hard the surgery was, how hard it was on my husband, how I know that he will be there for me no matter what, and how hard it was to recover.  BUT…as my scar fades with each passing day, my future gets brighter.

For your viewing pleasure….a photo I took at the Japanese Tea Garden that I’ve made into an oil painting.



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “Scars

  1. This week I went to the Cardiologist because my hands were turning purple, he explained that the oxygen rich blood is red and turns purple as it returns to the heart, this sounds logical but after considering what else he had to say, my wife and I are skeptical of anything he said. He had a preconceived idea of why I was there, judgmental, took no notes,nor did he bother to review my past medical history, a total jerk. With out any history of my health concerns, he had no perspective a bad bed side manner and got a well deserved complaint both verbal and written. He was not accustom to knowledgeable, intelligent health care consumer’s. We told Western Health Advantage to NOT pay since NO services where rendered… wonder health care and medical costs are so crazy if we have to pay for doctors like this that provide NO information and jump to conclusions with out a professional investigation. Where does it stop ?? Bear

    • OMG, that is totally and completely unacceptable!! Grrrr that makes me mad. Doctors have so much power and when one doesn’t even respect the own power they have, well, it’s pretty disgusting. I’m glad you are pursuing non-payment! Have you made another appointment with someone else that can give you some answers? On and have you heard of Raynaud’s disease? My mom has that where her hands turn purple. Try googling that and see if it fits. Keep me posted on this. I got out of an emergency healthcare bill one time…but it took months. Stay on it! Hugs 🙂

  2. We checked some medical sources to educate our self and found Raynauds but not all the symptom’s are present. We now have an appointment with the neurologist. I never had these issues prior to surgery and am not trying to blame anyone we want information so we can make an informed decision and put all the pieces together. What ever it is, it is. I will know more after the appointment with the Neurologist……stay tuned more to come on how our Health system works, or not !!

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