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Journey of a body on this earth

The Connection

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As you know, for weeks now, even months, I’ve been discussing my knee replacement journey.  But recently, I’ve noticed I hadn’t mentioned too much about my other issues which were fairly debilitating prior to my knee replacement.  They are those dastardly muscles called the iliopsoas (or psoas, prounounced “so-as”) and the iliotibial (IT) Band.

I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in these areas!  I think three things contribute to the fact that these muscles are feeling more stretched out and relaxed.

1.  Posture:  My knee is now in a straight position which allows my posture to be more erect which helps to elongate the muscles and eliminates the need for me to incorrectly compensate with other muscles to walk, stand, etc.

2.  Stretches:  Every day, twice a day, I do stretches related to these muscles which help elongate and result in better posture.

3.  Strengthening:  Every day, twice a day, I do strengthening exercises for those muscles, in addition to my my quads my hips.

I remember maybe 6 years ago, I had went for a shot of cortizone in my knee and my regular surgeon wasn’t there.  It was another doctor in the group.  I was explaining how my groin and back hurt so much and that I wondered if it was related to the knee.  He stared at me with a condescending look and said something like, “Dear, they aren’t connected.”  Aren’t connected????  Helloooooo…..did I not come into his office with my entire body or was my torso still in the waiting room?   Gawd.

EVERYTHING is connected.   My bad knee caused a chain reaction…one that was like a steamroller once it started.  The bad knee affected my groin, my IT band, my foot, my back, my hip.  Everything!  And I’m proving that truth by the fact that everything is getting better now.

Yes, everything is connected….WE are all connected, and our bodies are symbols for the world and the universe.  Even the doctor who thinks that one body part isn’t connected to another, in a way connected to me on a deeper level.  He made me highly aware that I have a strong sense of my truth and that everything is part of a whole, and not single parts.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

One thought on “The Connection

  1. AHHH….. you are describing the underlying truth and connected harmonics among all systems, in its self, is a system we call existence = perception of our life and how we are placed in this system, balanced and true. Cool

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