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A Different Kind of Sore


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Yesterday my hubby and I had our first day at the new gym together!  We each signed up for a free personal trainer which was very umm “enlightening”, at least for me it was.  Measuring my body fat, in particular, was not my favorite part of the session.   My, oh my have things changed over the last 8 years!

My personal trainer, Farhad, seemed very knowledgable and was very sensitive to the fact I’m still recovering from the knee replacement.  At home I’ve been using the physical therapy bands, but I’m up to the strongest band now, so it’s time to move on.  Farhad found ways to work around it yet to strengthen and challenge the areas I’ve been working on.   Which really needs to be ALL areas after that body fat measurement!  LOL!

Farhad then showed me the new cardio machines and how to operate them and to see which ones fit me best.  I must say that a lot of new cardio equipment has come out since my days of being a gym rat.  One piece of equipment that’s always been around, yet I never used, is the rowing machine.  And that is my new favorite!  Wow, what a workout!  Farhad gave me proper instruction on how to row.   It’s much better than the bike in my opinion because you get an all over body workout.  Believe it or not, there is a lot of core work in rowing!  Check it out….

We then progressed to the weight area which was always my favorite part in the olden days, lol.  There is something new called TRX Suspension…and I love it!  You use your own body weight as resistance.  It’s something the Navy Seals have used from what I’ve read.  So in a few months I’ll be a regular G.I. Jane!  Yeah right!  But actually, you can make it as easy or as hard as you like, so it’s for all fitness levels.

So all in all our first day at our new gym went errr “swimmingly”.  They do have a pool, however, we haven’t used it yet.

This morning I awoke, and I had completely forgotten what muscle soreness was!  And my knee wasn’t bothering me, so hurray for that!    I’m on my way….FINALLY!  Now, if the left knee can just hold up for another year.  😛


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sore

  1. Looks like I’ll be facing a hip replacement sometime in the near future. Your blog has really been helpful, even though yours was a knee replacement, it has given me courage to consider doing a hip replacement. Tks Laura!

    • You’re welcome Judy! ive heard that a hip replacement is much much easier than a knee replacement so that’s good news for you! I didn’t realize that you were facing that operation so keep me posted on this okay? Im sure it will go smoothly as they are very popular operations. Maybe you can blog about it, LOL! Is your sweetie going to take care of you?

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