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Journey of a body on this earth

All I can say is “wow”…


Happy Saturday everyone!

Okay, a brief update….Yesterday I did notice that my knee was a bit more sore than usual from the previous day’s workout, so my plan was, and is, to go to the gym every other day so I don’t start flaring the knee up to the point where I can’t progress.   (Plus, I do need to be a bit careful about workouts due to a long-standing neck issue.)

I got up this morning and “voila”, my knee was back to umm “normal” if one can say normal at my stage of recovery, lol.   I couldn’t wait to rush off to the gym!  Ahhhh….it totally reminded me of the good ol’ days…getting up in the morning and putting on my gym clothes.

I did a bit of rowing that got me huffing and puffing, and then I even tried a cardio machine that’s like a little staircase.  They’ve improved since I last did one in probably 1985, lol.  But one thing I noticed is how STRONG my right knee is!  OMG, it was amazing how I could push off my right leg the way I did.  Granted, I went very slowly and not for very long, but I really noticed a huge difference.  I couldn’t even dream of even getting on one of these prior to my knee replacement.  Heck, I couldn’t even walk let alone do any of what I’m doing now.  One thing it did remind me of, however, is how my left knee needs to be replaced.  :\   stepmill


All in all, I had a nice little workout!  I’m now ready for the day and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “All I can say is “wow”…

  1. Before my tkr I did that for an hour it was the only thing that didn’t hurt my knee. I have been on the eliptical now just waiting to get back there love that machine!

    • I agree that this machine is really good because you use your glutes to assist. It’s funny how even though two people can have bad knees, they might not feel good on the same machine. So weird!! I’m loving rowing right now. OMG, what a workout!!! But it seems mostly upper body to me, so I like to incorporate something else. Seems like this step mill might be a good one for me. I’ve gotta work up to it though! haha You’ll be back there in no time!!

  2. It is strange but I think it just depends on where your knee is damaged as too what you can do or not do. My knee wasn’t in that much pain but it was my back that finally gave me the push to have the knee replaced. Since my leg wouldn’t straighten it messed my back up.
    You will get there on the stepper !

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