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Journey of a body on this earth

Minor Detail….

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Well, my bad day came and went.  Yesterday we went for a drive and I brought my camera and everything was fine.  Several spots we stopped had uneven surfaces…rocks, etc., and I managed it all just fine.  In fact, I noticed that my right knee was strong and I wasn’t worried about it at all really.  (I did worry about my left one, though, lol.)

So hurray!  That odd, intense pain I had two nights ago is gone!  Back to my normal self as of yesterday and moving forward!  I even went to the gym today, so life is good once again! 

Things like this happen.  I should remember this lesson from early in my recovery, but for some reason our minds forget pain.  It was just a minor detail.  No biggy!

Moving forward once again.  🙂

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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