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The Beast!


Wow, today is definitely my best day yet.  My knee is feeling so much more normal!  Yes, there’s that word again….”normal”.  I mean c’mon, me and normal?  Even *I* have to laugh when I type that.  🙂

As most of you are aware, I’ve been trying to rehab my knee and get back to some sort of activity after being inactive for several years.   Today’s routine consisted of ten minutes rowing and then ten minutes on a Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer.  The Precor is a great machine!  I’ve been building up every time I go to the gym.  The first time I tried this, I was so out of shape that I was huffing and puffing after one minute!  Unbelievable.  Now I’m up to ten minutes on it.  Hurray!  In addition, I added five minutes of the staircase machine for a total of a 25 minute workout.  I’ve posted pictures of the Adaptive Motion Trainer and the staircase machine below for your viewing pleasure.  The staircase I shot with my iphone.

adaptive motion trainer


If I didn’t have such a crummy left knee, I could really get into this staircase machine!  It kicks butt!  My right ‘TKR’ knee felt incredibly strong while I was on the machine; but, alas, my left knee is holding me back.  Grr.   I really am going to have to think about doing the other one soon.  Just think what I could accomplish with two good knees!  The sky is the limit!

After that, my hubby and I went to the indoor basketball court at our gym, and he showed me how to shoot a basketball with proper technique.  Funny that I’m left-handed shooting baskets!  Yeah, watch out Michael Jordan, here I come!

And just some icing on the cake, I got myself some new workout shoes.  Check ’em out.  Oh so cool!

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.17.27 PM

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

9 thoughts on “The Beast!

  1. So happy you are feeling great! Counting the days until I get there.

  2. Love your shoes what kind are they?? I love the stair case but havent been able to do it yet..I am 3 months PO tomorrow so I will get back to it. That is great you are doing so well!!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks Cathy! Three months hmm? You are on your way! In a couple of months you will say, “Wow! I feel so much better!” If you already haven’t said that, that is. 🙂 The shoes are Asics. Pretty much the only athletic shoe that feels good on my feet.

      • those are very cute! yep 3 months today!!! I tried the stepper for about 10 minutes it was OK but I am going to wait. I am doing the elliptical for an hour every day and some weights and weight machines as well as the usual stretches… I don’t know about feeling so much better in my knee but my back is much better. My knee hurt but not as bad as my back was from limping…..

  3. Lol my PT therapist said I tend to over do it lol. He has known me for a long time.

  4. yes it does lol

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