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A “Kneeded” Comparison


Don’t you think we “kneed” a comparison now?  Yes, lol, between my two knees.  It’s been almost six months and I thought I’d take a picture of both knees side by side.  Obviously the right knee is the ‘TKR’ knee.  It’s still a bit swollen which is normal according to my surgeon and the scar is in the midst of trying to fade.  It feels pretty good, not much bumpiness at all.

What’s really interesting, at least to me, is that you can see how my right knee cap is much more straight than the left knee cap.   The left knee cap lists off to the left…see??   Prior to surgery, my right kneecap was the same.  What’s even more interesting to me is that they actually reuse your existing knee cap and put something underneath it as part of the replacement!  Cool eh?

photo copy

Perhaps at one year, I’ll post another picture taken in the same spot so we can see how much it has improved.

I just took a break for an early lunch…now back to my errands.  Have a wonderful day!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

8 thoughts on “A “Kneeded” Comparison

  1. Looking good! I’d be interested to see a picture of your knees standing up as from this angle you can’t see much swelling at all! I just take it for granted now that I’ve got very odd shaped knee’s! Just makes me more unique I reckon! 🙂

  2. P.S Happy 5 month ” New Knee” anniversary to you today 🙂

  3. And yes, I should take a standing pic. I thought my right knee looked swollen here but I might be hyper-sensitive to it, LOL.

  4. Your knee looks great!

    • Thank you! Although the scar will probably not be a thin, white line like most people. I heard that Mediterraneans and African Americans scars don’t heel as nicely and as invisibly. I’m of Greek heritage. Oh well. I’ll forgo that for a good functioning knee any day of the week! Hope you are doing well Cathy!

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