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The Balancing Act



Okay, so I know I can’t push myself too hard at the gym otherwise I suffer the consequences.   A couple of days ago I pushed the cardio a little more, and I think I did too much on the leg press machine where I try to build up strength in my quads.  Ugh!   My knee is still sore from two days ago.  Normally, I would’ve gone to the gym today, but I’m taking it easy and hoping I can get back to my routine tomorrow.

The good news is that I’m learning how to balance my life with other activities and to take it easy when I need to.   What a concept!!  Today I met with a photography tutor to discuss the possibility of me studying with him to improve my camera skills.  My knowledge photography is very spotty as I’m self taught courtesy of google!  My goal is to master the technical capabilities of my camera so I can have more control over what I’m doing behind the lens.  And of course practice will be a huge part of this, but no worries there…practicing taking photos is something that is incredibly fun and enjoyable for me.

I’m convinced more and more that life is about balance.  In the “olden days” when I was working out two hours a day, I would’ve been devastated had I not been able to work out on schedule.  These days, I’m learning to accept things the way they are.   Can’t work out?  No problem…time to learn something while I’m out of commission.

As a side note, I can’t help but admire the strength of that elephant’s knee!  Hopefully mine will be that way soon, lol.

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. Leave it to someone who has done PT with a TKR to notice the “strength” of the elephants knee!!

  2. When they say “it takes time” they ain’t kidding! I don’t know how you find the balance between pushing yourself and pushing too much. Maybe there isn’t that balance? Maybe it’s either or? You’d think I’d have something wiser to say, but I don’t. haha Hang in there!

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