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Bumps in the Road of Life


Omg! On our return flight from the family reunion, I got up to go to bathroom and just as I reached for the bathroom door, the plane hit some really bad turbulence. It was the worst I’ve ever experienced! I was fortunate to grab a handle outside the door and was knocked around off my feet holding onto the handle. The attendants were buckled in and kept shouting to me, “Get on the floor!!” I was struggling though and I kept trying to hang on. It was awful! At one point I was faced so I could see the aisle and I saw my hubby turn to look back at me. I’m bruised on my left leg, and it was all so surreal.

The good news is my knee replacement leg wasn’t the one that took the brunt of it, so yay for that!

Glad to be home!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road of Life

  1. OMG I am glad you are ok for the most part!

  2. So at 4 months did you still have pain? And do you notice that the cold damp weather makes your knee ache? Thanks

    • Hi Cathy 🙂 Hmm…well, good question! I still have pain and swelling and I’m at 6 months. But the “pain” is small. I’m still numb on the right side of my knee and they say that can take up to a year to go away and some people never quite get rid of it. It’s also sore on the right side of my knee. If I sit too much and don’t elevate my legs at least once a day, my whole leg gets kind of swollen. I will say that when I was in Detroit, the humidity made it worse. And yes, the cold, damp weather affects it as well, but not as bad as before I had the knee replacement. But I’m doing things I couldn’t do before like exercising, walking, cleaning the house, etc., so I guess I feel I’m so much better and hang onto the fact that all these other things will diminish over time. What kind of pain do you have? And have you seen my five month report chart I did in my blog?

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