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Journey of a body on this earth

A Caregiver’s View


I’m not the only one who has something to say about my knee replacement!  I asked my husband if he would write something from his viewpoint regarding taking care of me while recovering from my surgery, and he kindly responded.  His comments are italicized and I’ve added my own wrap-up at the end.  Naturally.  😛

I was playing golf with Curt and Jodie.  As it always seems to happen when you get old people together, the topic of conversation turns to various infirmities. It turns out Curt has had both knees replaced as well as a shoulder.  I’m not sure how much of him are the original parts but it doesn’t seem to have hurt his golf game.

I told Jodie that Curt had the easy part:  laying there and letting the doctor do the work.  The hard part comes later when the caregiver has to do everything: arranging pillows, moving blankets, arranging pillows, making dinner, arranging pillows and the million and one other things that need to be done.

Jodie and I agreed that we are saints.

ERRR…saints?????   NO COMMENT!!!  But seriously, I truly appreciate everything he did for me because he really did a lot.  And just think…in about a year and half, he gets to do it all over again with my left knee.  🙂

trainPicture of the Day:  Taken today during an unusual cloudy day in June.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “A Caregiver’s View

  1. Saint? I do appreciate everything my family did. Umm I wouldn’t call it sainthood considering all I do for them… Even with my knee I was still doing laundry etc! Boy you are brave having the other one done!

    • I know huh. His silly sense of humor. My left knee needs it too ugh, although its not quite as bad as the right one, but I learned my lesson…I don’t want to wait until its so bad that I develop other problems.

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