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It’s for the birds!


I went out with my photography tutor yesterday to waterfowl viewing area.  I was there before dawn with a Grande, Skinny 2-pump Vanilla latte, lol.  Thank goodness Starbucks opens at 4 am!  My tutor showed up not too long after that and we started taking pictures.

Unfortunately, the day was a bit cloudy but we did get some nice light here and there.  I noticed that I was unsteady walking down the slopes.  Slopes hardly worthy of mountain climbing gear though.  The “slopes” were only 5 feet long, but my left knee isn’t exactly the most sturdy thing in the world, so I had to be careful.  My tutor suggested I use my tripod as a walking stick to steady myself and that worked out nicely.

The good news is that I stood there for two solid hours, moving around from time to time of course, but that’s something I could’ve never done before my TKR.  And after all that I went to the gym and had a 35 minute session on the spin bike and then hopped on the precor machine for almost 10.  Whew, I was pooped, but mostly because we have this strange humidity in the bay area right now.  Yes I’m a wimp.  Give me back my dry heat, pleeeeease!

My knee is a bit sore today, but I’ll live.  We have a fun event to look forward today.  It’s the Bay Area Broadcast Legends luncheon in Berkeley.  I can’t wait!

Pictures of the Day:  Taken at the Waterfowl Viewing area in Martinez, CA




Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “It’s for the birds!

  1. Speaking of birds, that black and white shorebird is a “Black-necked Stilt.” Great seeing you in Michigan.

  2. Even now after all these years, I still have trouble walking on uneven ground…I discovered that my monopod makes a nice walking stick…and doesn’t look as *old* as regular cane (which I still have)…

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