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Habits and Perseverance


Does she still do her PT exercises????  You may be wondering whether or I still do, and the answer is a resounding yes!  While admittedly I’m not doing them twice a day anymore because I’m feeling so much better, I still do them once daily.  I’ve noticed if I slack off too much, my knee starts letting me know by becoming more sore.  Yes, you read that correctly!  The more I stay with my exercises, the less pain I feel these days.  The more I slack off, the more it hurts!

My physical therapist, Jim, had recommended I stay with my leg straightening routine, the psoas stretch and other quad strengthening exercises for about a year.  And you know what?  He’s right.  About a month ago, I noticed myself sliding with the exercises.  I thought to myself, “What’s the big deal?  I’m feeling better.”  But I found out that if I don’t persist with the exercises, I feel more sore.  (Hmm…that gives me an idea for my next post!  I’ll share some of my exercises with you!)

There may be others who have sailed through a TKR and didn’t need much in the way of long-term stretching and strenghtening, but I am not one of those people.   At this point I can confidently say that doing the exercises helps!  Surgery itself did not stretch the muscles that had been shortened for so many years nor did it strengthen the muscles that had gone so weak.  It only fixed the bone on bone issue which was causing me pain which had left me practically incapable of doing much.  It’s MY job to do the rehab necessary to come back better than ever, and that takes perseverance and repetition to create new habits for my muscles and tendons to perform properly with my new knee.

So…even though I go to the gym and I feel better, I continue to do the exercises and reap the reward!   One of my rewards is that I’m now up to 45 minutes on the spin bike!!  And I don’t mean just pedaling passively…I’m really going at it!  Dripping sweat and all!  Next week I plan to try out the spin class.  I’m so excited!!!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

4 thoughts on “Habits and Perseverance

  1. That is great! I do my exercises everyday also! I am doing an hour on the stair stepper about 3 times a week and the elliptical the other days! And the leg lifts,etc…

  2. Laura,
    Roger here from BoneSmart (SFBaySailor). If you recall, I’m 9 weeks post LTKR, and I was complaining about muscle pain after PT. I checked out your blog. Lots of good information.
    It’s interesting, but I woke up this morning and my knee felt stiff. After breakfast, I went through my regimen of home PT exercises. This takes about 45 min. After a quick icing, I went outside and did some light yard work. And guess what? My knee feels much better, is less stiff and seems to have more ROM.
    So I believe there is some truth in what you say. I’m not going to get into a big debate with anyone on BS about it, because I know there are differing opinions, and everyone heals differently. For me, though, I think it is good to stay active as much as possible and to try to build up the muscles, even though I have excellent ROM. When I go back to PT, I am going to try to reduce the exercises that are giving me trouble, or cut down to 1 session per week.
    Take care,

    • I’m glad you felt better! And umm yes, I try to word things “just so” on bonesmart, lol. I’ve noticed too that a lot of the people from the UK have quite a different philosophy about physical therapy. Probably because they don’t get a lot of it over there. My son-in-law is English and now lives here. He said our health care is infinitely better and that you don’t get much PT over there.

      Anyway, I’m glad it worked for you. There are a lot of times too that you just kind of know when not to do anything except ice and elevate.

      Keep me posted!

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