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A lot of fun was had with my camera club today. A few of us got together for the AT&T Park tour which is home to the SF Giants baseball team. It was interesting to see the inner workings of one of major league baseball’s finest parks. I found out a few interesting facts.

  1. There are twenty four palm trees by the front gate representing Willie Mays’ number. I had no idea there were 24 trees. Nice touch!
  2. The bricks laid in the front represent the seams of a baseball.
  3. When the AT&T Park opened in March of 2000, it was the first MLB stadium constructed without public funding since 1962 when the Dodgers built their stadium. However, the city of San Francisco did provide the Giants with $10 million dollars in the form of a tax abatement and $80 million for renovations.

After all that fun we went to the Tadich Grill which is the oldest restaurant in California and one of our favorite places for lunch. I’ve been going there since my teens!

One thing though is my fibromyalgia had kicked I’m big time ugh. I’ve been slacking off on my vitamins and have let gluten slip back into my life. Ill blog on this later, but this has GOT to change. It makes everything worse including my knees.

Picture of the Day: Juan Marichal statue outside the park.




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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